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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Spring Beret Number 2

Cotton Fleece in cavern? black -- I cannot find the label at the moment.

I started out with the same pattern (see previous posts)--using 9US needles to do the ribbing--then switched to 10 1/2 US for the body of the hat.
I only worked the 4 lace repeats--I did not work the extra Rows 1-6 before beginning the decreases.

And I am very glad I did not.

My hat fits perfectly--a little more open than the first go-round in olivette--and not so overly sloppy and lounger-ish as the original pattern would have us wear. I really like this hat--and isn't that the important part?

I still need a nice decent cool hat--in green--to make and wear for St Patrick's Day. :-)

I'll have to work on that. Need to find the right pattern, now, don't I? :-) Then we'll have a look-see at what yarn to use. :-)