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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Board Book Adventure

I have the pre-prepared and ready to go board book that I started last year before the move. All the backgrounds are covered, painted and ready to go. All I need to do is set the story and embellish away.

I am waiting to receive the pdf file of Alice in Wonderland images so I can print them out and see what we have and how I am going to combine them. (this post was written days ago and just now posted)

I am using Alice templates and pictures—but I am not doing an Alice in Wonderland book.
I want to play on the outrageous and bizarre angle. The sweet little girl stuck in a strange land surrounded by the strange.
Not necessarily Alice at all.

And then as I was pondering the Alice board book theories—I remembered a cache of goddess imagery that I have had since before we left to move to MD. In between pondering the Alice layouts, I had a lot of ideas about the goddess images. If the Alice images had not worked in the current ready board book—I would have used that book for the goddess images.

So—I have two board books in the wings. The goddess book—which I have only partially prepared—as in E tore some of the glossy bits off the pages, but not entirely. Si it still needs to be gessoed and prepared and everything. And the Alice book, which is fully prepared and ready to go.

Basically what all of this leads to is the fact that I have to go through and pull out all my glues and pencils and markers and paints and everything else available that I have packed up and packed away—which I have actually been looking forward to the past efw days—since this idea originally began to germinate.

One thing that has helped push me forward is the arrival of my copy of ‘ The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Altered Art’ by Allyson Bright Meyer. Why did I buy this? I saw it for sale at Edward R Hamilton – but since they don’t accept credit cards any longer (I haven’t ordered from them in nearly two years, when they first started to take credit cards it seems) I went to amazon and to see about getting it—and although it is very simple—it really helps me to focus on certain things—and I am hoping it will help me when I approach different techniques and applications.

Again I will keep you updated as things progress. First of all—I have to figure out where I put all those goddess images. Then I will decided where to go from there. 

Either way, my Alice book will be worked on and finished before all of that. I am sure.