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Friday, February 6, 2009

I Do So Love My Son

It's a bit difficult to think about it at the moment--but this is the second? week we've been sick here? Or are we going into the third?
Not this past week-end, but the week-end before my darling little boy came over, sick as a dog--and gave us all germs. :-) Here's the really great part--he slept most of Friday night, darn near all day Saturday, and woke up at a decent hour on Sunday--and apparently he's been fine since.
I got sick, Monday--couldn't even work Tuesday because I lost my voice. My dd didn't get sick til about Wednesday. X didn't get sick til closer to the week-end.
Today is the first day my sinus migraine hasn't been here--although I am still coughing. Today is the first day I've bothered to get dressed since the Sunday my son returned to his dad's. That should tell you alot. I am very much a stickler about getting dressed every day simply because I work from home and I need that sense of stability.
X is still sick--he's dealing w the fever part--but then again--we cannot be sure if x has what we've had--or if he has something completely different--and we are not taking any chances. Today dd is feeling better, but she's still not back to her normal self yet.
Last week-end E and I were just too sick to have N over here--this week-end X is too sick for us to think about having N over here--because we are still on the cusp of getting better--and we cannot have one more dose of germs--especially if X has something entirely different.

I am actually pretty upset about not being able to see the little stinker--I hate being this close to him--and being so far away from him. X is not the type to send an email at random (or make a phone call) and say hey boy had a good day at school--or boy fell down -- or boy was asking about his sister today. Getting anything out of that man is like pulling hen's teeth--and I really think pulling hen's teeth is an easier job (yes, please understand, hens DO NOT HAVE teeth ok? I know this. Really.).

I am so grateful that I work from home it isn't funny. If I worked outside the home--I'd have lost my job over the past two weeks.
As it stands, I got a bonus for last month --and so far this month is looking good. :-)

So thank you thank you, Powers That Be.

And finally something has happened with the insurance company over the car. Please do not use Erie Insurance from PA if you actually want someone to do something, in a hurry or not. We can blame it on the fact I live in IL all we want--but when the adjuster would call my dad and he'd be screening calls --and he would immediately call her back after she hung up and he would get no answer--repeatedly this happened, not just once or twice--then you can only say it's because I am out of state and keep a straight face only for so long.

Now, please keep in mind the accident was in November, 2008. They came what yesterday to look at the car? Due to the dented roof above the windshield the gentleman yesterday said they won't repair it. They're sending someone to pick up the car this week some time--or within a week--or whatever. I for some reason simply do not trust this insurance company.
Also note, I have told the adjuster twice now that I work during 'normal business hours' and I cannot just ignore work for any reason if I want to keep my job--which I do want to keep my job.
At first this was fine. I have submitted a written report of what happened. I submitted an email report answering the adjuster's questions--which answered nothing other than what I had written in the first place.
I got a nice (haha) email yesterday morning informing me the adjuster would be calling me at 1p EST and if this was not convenient then I needed to email her a time when it would be convenient that was also during 'normal business hours'. Now, I went to school in that area--public school--and I know that there is ALOT lacking in the education system--and this was in the 80s so you know it only got worse since that time--but when I tell you I work during normal business hours and cannot take outside calls lest I lose my job--what does this mean to you? Hmm?
Well, I do not always check my email first thing in the morning--unless one of my friends is going through a crisis--or I am. I didn't get her email announcing her intention to call--until about 2 hours after she should have called (not my work number--my home number) --and guess what--I was on calls from before she said she would be calling til well after said time.
When I did get her message, I did respond, saying exactly when during the week I could be reached by phone and that she would have to make an appointment to reach me at that time or I wouldn't be here--I did leave out the part where I am dependent upon someone else for transportation and this is why she would have to make an appointment. I haven't heard from her since--and I don't expect to hear from her within a week's time either. This adjuster does not return email any faster than she returns phone calls. Not even to let you know she received your email--and forget trying to ask her any questions because those get ignored.

Over all--I cannot stress it enough--avoid Erie Insurance of PA.
Maybe it is just this particular branch. Maybe it is this particular agent/adjuster. Maybe they should realise this is how I now think of their entire business and if this is the type of service they provide--they can provide it to whomever will tolerate it--which is not me.

It's that subtle disconnect the adjuster has--that whole I know I am better than you because you have no choice but to deal with me attitude--that whole I can ignore whatever you say or type and do what I do regardless and then try to make you feel like an idiot because you aren't doing exactly what I want you to do when I want you to do it. That attitude. The attitude the pervades her emails--that says I totally ignored everything in your last email except what I wanted to see--I am too good to answer your questions--and I could care less about you, your life or your issues--now fall to your knees and do my bidding as I command without question.
Yeah--that attitude. If she were say from India working customer service--I wouldn't have put up with this--if she were from India I'd be upset but more able to give her some slack, since India cannot think outside the box and their whole thing is they have to follow directions perfectly to the letter (I so DO NOT advocate the customer service or any other industry going to India or anywhere else--this is just a local example as my 1 friend has been trying to train India for a certain telecommunications group--and finds India almost impossible to train -- because they cannot for the life of them think outside the box--they have no problem solving skills--which you must have in the job they are being trained for--haha). Tina has no such issue--she's just too stuck on the fact that she thinks her excrement is rose-like in bouquet. Uhm-kay.

BTW--they are totaling the car. They aren't responsible for anything other than sending my dad a check for the salvage cost of the car--that's all they're doing. That's it.
I actually hate it--she is fixable--but since the roof is dented in at the windshield they won't even try.
But--if they aren't going to pay for anything and we know they aren't going to pay for anything--and they have all the information they need, written and via email--why should I bother trying to eradicate my week just for a person who has proven repeatedly that she is a complete a*****e?
Hey--I told her when she could reach me--if she ever responds I will be there--just once--and that's it. And only because I said I would. For the sake of my dad.

Know what is worse than that? My dd is convinced we must buy a yellow car--not a gold car--a rubber ducky yellow car. So much for my dark green ancient antique jag I've wanted for ever and a day. And in case anyone has ideas about me getting a newer car--have you seen "Untraceable"? Do you want to know how hard it is to hack someone's vehicle? It took me about 10-15 minutes of googling--and I wasn't really very sincere about it either--to find out how to do that.
Wait--I can google looking for a knitting pattern I know I googled previously and spend hours and hours trying to find the darn thing and never freakin' find it again (I printed the pattern out--and it is in notebooks--currently in WV--w my knitting book I wrote!) -- and yet I goof around trying to see how hard it would be to disable a car with gps and onstar and everything--uhm--how not cool is that?

I want an older car--I always have, even in the 80s. Why? I grew up in Steel Mill Country--let's start there. Do you know what happens to fiberglass upon impact? It disintegrates--completely, darn near. Something that used to cause a bump you could knock out with dry ice now costs $3000-4000 to fix because there is so much damage. For your own protection, they tell us. Has nothing to do with so many other aspects we won't get into here or now. I want real metal all around me. This way, when I tap that telephone pole--the pole doesn't care and neither do I. Not that I tap telephone poles--anymore. :-) No frakkin' gps--no tomtom or jojo--no gogo. I want a cd player--period. I don't even need a radio--give me a cd player and go away. I want a car I can hit a moose with and still keep on trucking--rather than a car that barely taps a deer and the deer runs away with not a scratch on him but my car is such a devastated wreck that I have to buy a new car. Not to mention, ya get me my hoopty and who the heck is going to try to steal it? You get ME a hoopty--and guess who actually CAN work on her own car? But prefers to have help? (And btw--it does not take a rocket scientist to KNOW when the hole is in the TOP of the radiator--the car is toast til there's a new radiator, uhm kay? Anyone who thinks otherwise is stoned and/or wasted.)
My dd is great though--do you know that rubber ducky yellow is far less likely to be stolen than any other colour? Actually that is true--my dad did the research. E has always wanted a white car--she likes white cars. I like silver myself--but not for a car, really. Not unless I really do get myself a kit car and build the whole thing myself--then I want a silver car. But reserve the right to paint it several times a year just because I can. :-) Yes, I know about kit cars--yes, I know about engine mapping--yes, I worked on freakin' airplanes while I was in the navy--do not be naive about me. I am multi-faceted and multi-talented. And I don't mind getting dirty--so long as I have the proper soap and can get clean again. :-)
I am just rather surprised by this sudden turn in E's desire to buy a yellow car--today is the second time she mentioned it. She mentioned it at some point last week for the first time--I was in a sinus infection migraine coma at the time so I can't really tell you a great deal about the conversation--other than yellow car for us was said at some point--and the cock-eyed look I gave dd in return was utterly ignored. So there you go.

I am not all together certain on the whole yellow thing--but I will at least have to be open to the possibility if and when we go looking for a new car--or truck. Because I am after all a country girl--and I want a truck--but then again--practicality and children must go hand in hand--not mini van in hand--and not station wagon either--but we'll have to see. Planning ahead can really suck some days. :-) I was scared enough when I was pregnant w N--and thankfully (no help from x at all) I did find out it is doable and everything is ok with two kids. Now--add twins to the mix please--and then let's see how I can manage. Oh boy--this is going to be alot of fun--isn't it? :-)