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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Today's Question

and then some too--since I found the Q&R for the Curious thanks to that email from Siona earlier. :-)

What does your body want to say to the world?

be free
be free

What's your favorite insect?

praying mantis
how can one creature be so--meditatively engrossing while be able to scare the pants off small children, be such a good thing to have on hand to control unwanted insect populations and a creature only dreams may surround

If you could be anywhere but here, where?

Wales, deep and lost in the hills and the valleys, surrounded by sheep and the taste of sea smarting the breeze

If you have to leave Earth, what 5 things will you bring?

not counting kids or pets--

a pen with plenty of ink refills (do the refills count as one or each refill individually? or do we count ink along w the pen)
a blank journal
a comfortable pair of boots
a pair of knitting needles
my wedding ring set

What flower holds the most meaning for you?

there's a toss up
either the rose or honeysuckle
I love roses--and they hold way too much inference about the previous marriage I was in--it's a flower of hope and majesty and just perfection on so many levels to me.....
honeysuckle always evokes such a positive sense of well-being and bliss in me--it is the scent of all things good
and it is pretty darned tasty too in a variety of forms

Why did you choose your profile picture?

My gaia profile pic is my fave octopus seen right at the top of this blog--my blue-ringed baby.
This is also the tattoo--the exact (fairly much--this picture was the template) image of my tattoo--
There are so many things I could say about this creature--but there is so much I would prefer to keep to myself.
This creature is me--on far too many levels. See me and be warned--even though if you pass the test you will never find anyone more devoted.......
This octopus is also my guardian and my teacher--how can I deny that?