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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Too Much Thinking

Number one--I have to give x props because he did try to find me an octopus book for my birthday--NO ONE can find one. :-) If you have nay ideas--please email me and let me know. :-)

I have had alot of time to think--I basically stop trying to clean when my ds is here--it's not really all worth the effort--and it gets to be quite disheartening to try to keep things clean and knowing he'll just mess it up--knowing he'll go back to his dad soon and I can clean up and not have to worry......

One thing I have decided is to stop wooing my sister A and only respond to her if she sends me something.
I have not heard one word from her at all since well before we moved from WV.
I have sent emails--I have forwarded emails--I have a box sitting here for her.
We'll take the box w us to WV to drop it off, but that is pretty much the last contact I am going to force upon her.
She obviously doesn't want anything to do w me or us, so all I can do is honour her wishes.
I wish we could have more contact--but actions do speak louder than words--and her words shout--leave me alone.
So we will-unfortunately.

I joined a writer's group today, hoping the challenges would inspire me and motivate me into doing more than journalling and making lists.

I did start my Altered Alyce book yesterday too--discovered my gesso is NOT here--it was decoupage medium I saw and got excited. All I did w N here is cut out 1/2 the pages to make sure everything we'll do will fit--then that's it.
I have some ideas about the background colouration anyway--dry-brushing. We'll see.

I also found a what seems to be decent meditation group--and my goal is to meditate w them every Monday.

My writing goal is about to become 1000 words per day--have to set my goal to-start date.

Also found an Artist's Way group close too--so am looking forward to re-commencing there again.

I am coming down to the last bits on my ribbon shawl too--thankfully. Even on larger needles the yarn gets caught and makes me peckish quite often. The 2 balls after the current OTN two are the very last of the yarn. Then the fringing begins. :-)

I am actually looking forward to tiny needles and the new pretty pretty yarn.

Must finish dishes tonight--means a second run must begin before bed.

Tomorrow the laundry I shall tackle--mostly because I have so much more to wash now.