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Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Knitting Bags

Ok, well, number one these will be used as knitting bags, I am sure, simply because everything in the house at one time or another gets shoved into the hold this knitting project or this yarn duty. But originally they were made to hold books--and since we're running away fro the week-end, to hold clothes--and notebooks and pens and papers and highlighters, oh my.
Second, I really meant to do alot more with these than I did. I didn't realise when I bought them (Yes, I bought them rather than cutting them out myself--I know--LAZY me--and them with only 4 visible arms to boot!) that they would be iron-on-able. But they were--wah-hoo. I thought there would be sewing and embroidering and maybe even some bedazzling to be done. Then I ironed those puppies onto the bags and I thought--wow--the simplicity is just--pretty neat. The turquoise bag is completely done--I will not do another thing to it. But the denim bag and the black bag are darker--and they seem to be asking for some pop, especially the denim bag. I do not plan to do much, and I can't tell you now what I plan for them as I have no idea--but still...and it's all a maybe at the moment, because I really kinda like just the outlined form there on the bag and nothing else. One octopus per side. Simple and understated. I really like that. But we do all know I am weird. :-)

These are pictures of the fronts and the backs.