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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hey Babe

What seems to be the problem, babe?
Didn’t you believe I would do
All the things I said I would?
Didn’t you realize that I’d move on,
That I’d find a way towards
My own happiness
Without you?
Did you really expect me to sit
Waiting at your beck and call
Not going out to live
My life?
Did you not expect me
To find a job
To support my children and myself?
Did you not hear meWhen I told you
I would buy my own home?
Just because it’s not a house
You would buy
Doesn’t make it mean any less
To me.
Did you think I would remain alone
Without friends, without love
While you treat me
Like a convenient baby-sitter
And nothing more?
Did you think I’d never find
A lover to replace you?
Can you not believe
I can be successful
And prosperous
And happy
Without you?
It’s true.
Without you, I have found my ground.
I have found my space.
I am moving on
With life and love
And everything in between.
I don’t feel bad for you
With your inability to let go,
Your inability to accept
Or to embrace change.
Once I felt so bad,
But no longer.
Are you so surprised.
So caught off-guard,
So horrified
By the proofs
Of my success,
Of my pleasure,
Of my happiness,
That you cannot even face me,
Can’t look me in the eye?
Yet you sit there
Wondering why
I see you the way I do
And am glad we said good-bye.