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Friday, March 20, 2009

I Went traveling-Am Writing Again-Enjoy

Here Be Dragon

Can you imagine it? A dark space, not black, not lit, but just a wide clear open space. Kind of like being in outer space, only it’s warm here. There is light, but very little, and no visible source, except maybe the dress I am wearing, a silvery white thing cinched at my waist with threaded woven silks. I am not really on the floor or on the bed. I merely, am. And I am sitting. Feet flat on the floor, body lounging across the empty almost surface. Beneath me, it is firm, whatever it is. I feel safe, secure. However, there is an air here, a substance in the ambiance that causes me to shiver unintentionally.
He comes to me, a big man already, wide at the shoulders, slender at the hips. Reddish blonde hair and eyes gone wild with the sky. He draws even nearer, reaching out to gentle me, to caress me. Cupping the side of my jaw in his hand. Then he is upon me, with lips and teeth so amazingly careful. I hear the whoosh of the wings as I fall back, paralyzed with the rising steam between my thighs. I am nothing but the virgin offering set before him. I am his treat, his treatise, and upon my flesh and my soul does he feast.
Atop me is no man, but a great gleaming black diamond of a beast. A fire dragon, in full regalia, of the honor of the Black Knights. I see him as he truly is. Regal as he digs his claws ever deeper into my bodies, both of flesh and light, through past and present, rending the flimsy barriers between he and I as he joins our souls and our sighs into one brilliant burst.
I cannot blink. I cannot breathe. I can only open, sink into the bliss, open more, give him, receive him, bind as I am bound, devour him in my silence as he devours me with his mouth, with his hands. Within my comatose cocoon, I swoon, and swoon, the rush of life traveling through my veins into his mouth, into his being, into his soul, even as he feeds the same back into me, so much of his own.
I am burnt to a crisp by the flames barreling through worlds and times and generations. I am burning at his touch, his kiss, his tongue a merry dancer teasing more from me, opening other doors within me, sliding himself in, melding us, drawing us, remaking us both, in his image.
He is kissing me, pulling forth shard after shard. Sucking the life of his I hid for him directly from the source. Drawing up from the depths my own bits he himself hid in my honor, at my behest. Suddenly the flood of desire hits me and I can cling to him, wrapping my legs around his waist, pulling him ever deeper, ever closer, swallowing him whole. I bite his shoulders, digging into his back with questing fingers, crying out, screaming, as we melt together, flowing like molten wax, liquid rock, filling in the blank spaces within our hearts.
He is done. He pulls away, draws back within himself. A dragon no more. Only I can see within his eyes the smile from the other side. A man once more. I can pull him down, pressing him to me, forcing him to hold me down, as the shudders and vibrations shake and challenge me to my core. I draw upon his strengths, his energies, praying the gods allow me to re-align and to move on.
A year ago this could never have happened. Months ago I would have said you were insane if you had suggested it. Now again I am made to see there is a path before me, made of chance and choices and overall ingrained. This is a man I can travel with, from dark side to light. This is the man I can trust with all my heart and all my might. Here I am safe, in the company of dragons. I am not the lost. I am merely the key.