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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


You can see I do not download the pictures from my camera that often.

These are the flowers my kids got me for my birthday--they are still looking really good today--right this minute--the flowers and the kids.

The ex gets credit too--he did try to find me an octopus book--but I am not joking when I say no one can find any.

Surely there is a biology textbook written about octopus out there--I will even accept one with squids and nautilus and so on in it. :-)

For the record, I don't like cut flowers--but cannot tell my dd that. She loves to get me flowers, even when she yanks them up out of the yard.
I've tried, many times, to tell her that I prefer potted plants--but it doesn't do any good. :-) Her mama needs fresh pretty and smelling good flowers--end of statement. And this one came with shiny stuff on the vase too--so the crow in her could not resist.