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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Altered Bracelet

The ex made made me a bracelet eons ago that I dearly loved and treasured--it had both my kids names on it.
Then for some reason he broke it. I saved every bead.
I asked him last year around christmas if he would fix it--he never got around to it--so I made him give it back to me around the time of my birthday.
I re-strung it--and I really like it better. He used gold-looking stuff that tarnished--and we all know how I feel about gold. (Hint--I am a silver person.)

Here's are some pics.
I will end up re-stringing it again, simply because I want to at this point--I want to put it on a toggle clasp. But this is a good place to begin--at least I can wear it again.