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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March Madness Update

Hey, it seems like a really good title. ;-)

I only 'wrote' 875 words today. This does not count the huge email I wrote for my dad--or the fact that I caught up on what, roughly 10 gaia question and reflections--you'll need to go to my gaia blog to read those--I was too busy running back and forth via email and IM to want to post everything here. Not counting what I write here either.

I have a goal for myself for online networking every day--reaching out to other artists/writers/mothers/homeschoolers/whatever--by posting good comments on their blogs, just to let the Universe know that yes I am trying to play fair and be there and involved with everyone.

I made a HUGE push yesterday on the storage room--there are some massively big and undaunted spiders living in there--and I think there may be or may have been a mouse. A mouse is not a good thing--this is where all my yarn is -- all my sweaters are--and all our extra blankets are. Not to mention the paper, the magazines, the art supplies......the books. I have only two bookcases in there.
Let me tell you about the spiders. Now, first of all, when we first came to look at the house before we bought it, the spiders lived here. It was their house. I am fine with that. I have a Grandmother Spider tattoo (top of the line on the chakra chart for places I am willing to be tattooed on my body--as the very top of my head is not going to happen in the land of tattoo)--I have an affinity with spiders. I have for years and years. I am honestly cool with spiders. Mostly. I have no desire to be touched by the house brigade, although I am fine w dd getting a tarantula for a pet. One of these days anyway. When we did buy the house and were preparing to move in (as in before we left after signing papers to go back to WV to pack up and return here) I did inform the spiders we were coming back--and that I was perfectly willing to share the space, so long as we could co-habitate gently and compassionately. Most of which means if I don't see you, and you don't touch me, I will be ok with you wherever you want to live and be as long as no one is getting hurt.
Periodically, I have to have the odd talk with some new spider who decides to come in and move in to the bathroom and builds a funnel along the top of the wall in there. I have only had to remove one particularly tough customer--it was during the fall last year before the chill got in--and I have the compassionate bug grabber thing that we use to relocate bugs back outside. usually I walk in, see the nest, say hey, you have until tomorrow morning to vacate the bathroom or I will be forced to decimate your webs and put you outside. Ever since I bounced that one, I have not had an issue with anyone else leaving. I always give them overnight to scram. I do know someone is living behind the toilet, because she peeks out now and then to see if I am ready to close off the area under the sink more permanently (right now it is braced with cardboard since that's what I have a plenty of when we moved in). I do not mind this. The web is not where I have to stare at it while I shower wondering if someone is going to be joining me any second (don't make me go there this morning, please).
I basically pulled most of the storage containers out of the storage room. I had the stuff to seal the bottom of the window in there, so I did that. As I removed boxes/etc, I would vacuum the place out--and since I am not overly fond of ants in the house and we are having ant issues (they live in the foundation and are about to be vacated once we go to home depot in the next couple weeks--they have been informed--religiously over the past few months--ever since we moved in they've been warned--I lack the rapport with ants that I have with spiders--spiders are outside the box--ants cannot think to the edge of the box, much less outside the box) I sprayed at least one area w bug spray--informing the whole of the room I was doing so and telling the spiders quite loudly to stay away from that one wall. Up against the other wall, from between the deep freeze and whatever box once resided there comes this big puppy of a spider, all reared up and pissed off and ready to fight--the little sweeper vac I have, that I've been using to clean the floor (sweeping is so passe--especially when the dust pans run away and hide). Here I am, a giant to this little spider, who knows darn well I won't hurt him anyway, rocking this ginormous and LOUD sucker-upper thing in the general direction of the spider--for at first I did not see said spider and then when I did I was wondering how close I could get before the spider ran away. Note--the spider did NOT run away. The spider stood his ground. I however was afraid to get any closer w the vac lest I suck the poor thing up. So spider definitely trumps vac in that respect. That darned spider refused to move for over an hour, as I was re-arranging boxes, moving things in and out, dropping things, falling over things, knocking things over, including myself. I hope that arachnid had a really good time watching the show. By the time R arrived, the spider had retired, probably to laugh itself silly over my travails, but still. I hope it stays away from the insect-killer sprayed wall.

Dd has the beginner's pottery wheel kit. If she hadn't trashed my kitchen table yesterday (I SO had it all cleaned off) I would have let her start messing with it today -- after she figures out what to do w all her clean clothes that need to be put away--much less the other stuff in her room. Gosh--what a pack rat--and even though she gets it honest it still drives me crazy. I am looking forward to playing with that thing too, but if she won't keep her end of the bargain in the box it stays. I drove her nuts last night because I bought some air dry clay. I really am pondering the whole clay bowl aspect--or just the bowl aspect because I think I am this close . to knitting a bowl--although I still have the sisal to crochet the knitting basket--which is what--just a really big bowl, you know? I bought the air-dry clay and told her it was only for me. She was in such a pissy mood yesterday--channeling her cousins does not make my girl a very pretty person. I nearly had R stop the car and let her out many a time. If she were closer to 12 I might have actually done it, she was so mean and nasty. All because R got the better of her in a game that she started. Pre-puberty is so much fun--do I have to live with her when puberty hits???

She also seems rather upset over the fact that R and I are so close. I am not all together certain if it's because she thinks I am cheating on ND--a man who has yet to enter my life (just so that's really clear)--or if she's just mad that it's R. She had a cruddy night of sleep, culminating in the whole kicking griping snarling asleep and yet not asleep garbage she does after spending time w the x and his family (and when she has issues to deal w of whatever sort) --which woke me about 4a--I fought t stay in bed til roughly 5, 530a. As soon as I got out of the bed, I didn't even have to leave the room, and she hit the smooth even easy sleep of the innocent. We'll see how the rest of the day goes once she gets up--although I am not looking forward to it.
It's bad when I look at her and think, if I could just dump her off in public school and let them deal with her attitude, but that's my thought ever since she got back w the x on Sunday. And I feel SO BAD when I think that. Public school would destroy her. Differently than it did me. But it would destroy her and she'd never be her own person or be able to have a creative thought in her head ever again.

How did I manage to get off on that tangent anyway?

We did find her hidden christmas present, the one I lost. The space age ant farm kit. It was in a box--no laughing--under a huge bunch of yarn (of course!!) Do you have any idea how weird it is to order live ants online? Knowing they will probably live maybe a month, maybe two, living in some weird funky blue goo? Have you heard me talk about our ant issues here in the house anyway? I am about to pay to have ants eradicated--while buying ants to treat as little hostages and captives and torment in captivity (they won't really be tormented, except that they live in a plastic cage and eat and breathe blue goo).
Better yet, I found a computer power cable (for a laptop) that I have ben hunting for for weeks now--it was stuffed in between fabric and some other detritus in one of the plastic storage containers that don't have a lid. Well, at least I found it. I knew it was here. That has to count for something. :-)

I am very nearly done w the re-arranging the storage room. I actually need to pull something down from the attic--then the ladder can go outside. R and I were too busy yesterday for me to remember a great many things. I need help moving the old kitchen table to the car port--although I am still thinking it may be good on the back porch for plants. E's two amaryllis are sitting out there now. And I need to move my rue more away from dumb dog before she kills them--or the cat eats them. Am waiting for our live plant orders to come in--I want to do the planting all at once. That's jsut me though. :-)
Plus I am having to re-negotiate some things about the back fence-line just because of the way we are planning to do it. At least I do know that that will be done soon and I will feel alot better then. :-)

Nearly time for work--so more to come.

But I am working on something every single day. And now I have poster board too. The smaller kind, but it still counts. I am looking forward to doing a bigger dream board. With what happened with the little one in the book, I am ever so eager to see what happens when I really am able to spread my wings and reach out. Although the theme may just be the same. You never know. I have 12 pieces of poster board. I can change and do the same and re-arrange and many other things. I am looking forward to it.