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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One Hundred Things I Love

the aroma of honeysuckle
the prick of roses when I prune
the smile from the dog when she sees me
the ornery glint in my children's eyes
my children's laughter
the feel of dirt in my hands while I garden
planting seeds and growing them
the smell of baking bread
snuggling beneath bunches of warm blankets
curling up in the corner of the couch to read a good book
the pleasure of stroking good high-quality yarn
finishing a project
starting a project
a good dramatic thriller, book or tv
CSI the original
my trinity wedding ring
my hair
my ocean pen with its brown ink
my best friend
the tree in my front yard
the fence between my yard and the neighbors
flowers growing in barrels and buckets
vines growing up the side of stone cottages
hiking through the woods/mountains
paddling a canoe
picking up rocks along the way
reading (and not driving) while on long drive to look at the countryside
wearing girly dresses w cowboy boots
chic hats
black velvet gloves
blue nail polish--not too dark, not too light
dark forest green nail polish
goddess statuary
the geisha world
the feel of a library or bookstore
the smell of a yarn store
Deva Premal
the eyes of St Therese at the Living Insights center
sandalwood incense burning
my brayer
learning to draw
knitting, the way the fiber moves through my fingers to create something
teaching a dog to sit using popsicles as a treward
long walks through pastures and hills
falling asleep in the man I love's arms
sitting at the edge of a river staring at the rocks at the bottom
tadpoles swimming
the smell of spring
fresh cut grass
ocean breezes
full moons
shooting stars
walking through museums
intimate dinners with friends
my rocking chair
my deep freeze
warm squishy mud between my toes
dancing in the rain
the shark tanks in the aquarium
wandering aimlessly through museums looking at everything
Georgia O'Keefe
Frida Kahlo
Anais Nin
pens that write with green or purple ink
reams of paper waiting for me
touching things, like hand-woven blankets in the import store
lightning storms
buttered and salted popcorn
watching scary movies in the dark
my children as they sleep
sea shells
frogs chirruping in the distance
wolves howling
loons howling
chickens in the backyard
the dog asleep on my feet
hand-made soap
almond oil
fresh spinach salad
peas freshly plucked from the garden
new bourn babies
long hot bubble baths with no interruptions
day dreaming
whirling around
sharing my life with those I love
the breath of Yoga