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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wishcast Wednesday

Jamie’s question today is… What do you wish to change?

Now, please, this is my first one, even though I read about it last week for the first time and thought it was amazing. Also note that even though I ought to--I do not always realise what day of the week it is--no matter how many times in one day I write 'Wednesday, month/day/year' on whatever project--that doesn't mean I recognise that it actually IS Wednesday. So, if I am late posting--forgive me. I catch up when I can.

Jamie said to go to other participant's blogs and read their wish in order to support them.
I just clicked at random, really, and came to Sarah's blog.
Talk about the hand of God here--anyone who knows me gets the rowen connection there very quickly.
Then read her post for today--she is far more articulate than I--but she pretty much explained why I chose to home-school--among other things.
It was so touching.

Then again, it sort of makes me feel like a schmuck because my wish is so self-centered. I wish to change for whom I work actually. I do not want to work for the service anymore. I don't really wish to change my job per se; I love what I do. But I do wish to add more to it, in so many ways.

If nothing else I can say that I am taking steps, small as they may be, to move forward and make the changes I am wishing for come true.
Slowly but surely.
I never did care much for the tortoise--I am so much the hare myself.
But the tortoise does have a point. Darn it. :-)