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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Decorating My Home

Remember that surprise lot of yarn I bought from ebay for my birthday?
It was far too pretty to sit covered up in the box it came in--and my knitting basket is truly filled to overflowing with stuff for the twins and the patons essence shawl and whatever else fell at my feet and needed to be stuffed somewhere.

I pulled out the placenta bowl from my son's birth (what? you don't know what that is? it's the bowl used to catch the afterbirth --after giving birth....if you need more of an explanation--google it :-) ) and filled it with the beautiful yarns.
However, it filled up really fast--and I couldn't see all the gorgeous fibers well enough.
I caught myself digging to find the ones I want to see, the ones I wanted to pet.
Yes, I will randomly walk by and pet my yarn--yarnoholics understand--I hope. :-)

So, I have all these empty vases hanging around--I put them to good use. See the picture here.
I have the vases on top my bookcases--full now instead of empty.
I prefer the yarns to flowers anyway. :-)