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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Little Blue Book (Pictures Forthcoming Upon Finish)

My altered Alyce book is coming along. I am not really happy with it though. I really should have waited for the gesso. 
First I removed half the pages of the book.
Then I painted with blues and white for the backgrounds on each remaining page.
I pulled out my rubber stamps and stamped things, using black ink pads.
I glued on various pictures in various fashions.
I glued the metal pieces on for the closure.
I glued in buttons for one scene. Fabric for one scene. Leaves on one scene. Etc. I am not yet done gluing—or drawing.
I began to add the poetry in this morning—with a regular black marker. Not a special permanent ink one or anything. The ink bleeds through the pages too much. Only here and there. But still. It’s bleeding through. Which annoys me.
Some aspects I do like though. In places the black of the ink pad cancels out the black of the marker but for a shadowed affect. I like that.
I really like the way some of the glued-in pictures turned out.
I haven’t finished gluing things in, colouring certain bits in w coloured pencil, or adding poetry. I will post the poetic bits later on, probably under photos of the pages.
But at least I am working on it, a little bit every day.