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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Week's End Update

Number One-thank you Mother Henna for helping me give voice to my desire with "Fearless True Love"--already I am having success in that area--and yes, the fearless true love applies to my entire life, not just one aspect.....

Last Sunday, E, R and I drove to WV. We spent an excellent day with my dad--who gave R an SKS rifle, much to R's stunned amazement, which was cool to watch. The next day we loaded up the last of our stuff, and we really could have gone w a much smaller truck, but hey, we were prepared for anything. And thank goodness there was not nearly as much as I had been lead to believe there would be. It wasn't the chore we anticipated. I am ever grateful to R for everything though. Not to mention he really made the trip both ways entertaining.

We got back at an ungodly hour Tuesday morning, like 3am or so. We returned the truck later that day, and dropped the girl off at her cousin's for the week.
Unpacking was going so well. So very well. Then N came on Thursday--and unpacking has pretty much been at a stand-still ever since--although it has been fun, just the two of us, chasing and playing--although I think I have had enough Rugrats cartoons to last me a LONG LONG time. :-)

I am still writing--right now I mostly write via emails to others--and other things I cannot really publish outright on the public forum of this blog--but I have been writing.
Where did we leave off last time I did this?
We can start on 3/9-1428 words am; pm 1240 words; later pm 1616 words
3/10-am 1781 words
3/11-am 2075 words
3/12-am 1387 words
3/13-am 1615 words
no tally for 3/14--and we left at 3a on 3/15

This does not take into consideration the vast amounts of email and online networking writing I do every day. Or the notes I scribble everywhere, the half-formed thoughts and what not. But that I do every single day -- regardless.

This week the only days I actually have a word count that says more than "email" is:
3/20-A got 1217 words of encouragement and babble --and my darling R was overcome with 2101 words--and then 693 for myself.
And I am not counting this today either--or the IM session I am monitoring while I do this. ;-)

I did get to do some artwork. I did a wordle yesterday--I set it to pull words from my blog and I was very surprised by the utter positivity I saw when I did it. I printed it out. Today I painted a background in my art journal--two actually but the other one came later....and I cut the wordle out and glued it into the book on top the background. I'll have a picture of it up soon. I thought that was pretty neat.
The other painted background is just--because--I am planning to do something--even if I know not what.

There's so much more to say--but right now I am exhausted--and still caught on my IM--so I will call it a night--or a day--or whatever--and promise to come back soon.