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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Bad Bad Girl

Yesterday I had a day.
You know I don't have a car, right?
And I love my best friend, really I do, but I have no real desire to drag him all over the place any time the mood suits me to go looking for something. I look things up online first, then I start co-ercing him.
He's easy and he's fun--but that's another story for another day. :-)
Usually I prefer not to have to make him drive all the way out here to take care of me unless I absolutely have to.
And I have been trying to ween myself away from etsy. It's not easy, since I have a storefront ready to be set up and opened. That's been made worse by the encouragement I am getting from all over about my knitting--and the fact that I now know for certain I have sable where my yarn is concerned. I am under oath and under order to knit (and crochet and whatever) all my wonderful fantastical yarn up into things to sell at my fastest and earliest convenience (and of course I have not yet hit my want to knit alot groove thing either)--and not to buy anymore yarn--at least until I can adequately identify the majority of yarn I have currently closeted up in the boxes in the storage room--and using the yarn as house insulation does not count. :-) I guess I won't bring up the untapped yarn reserves I have in my attic in the form of the old sweaters in need of recycling, huh? :-)
In order to avoid etsy, I go to ebay. Of course. My idea to redo my bedroom closet and the storage area's hanger bar--didn't work. Certain plastics apparently do not take very well to being frozen and thawed during a winter in an unheated storage unit. So, I had to go looking for options. Throw in my overwhelming desire to own more earth shoes -and a trip to ebay was such a perfect solution.
Now, I have a pair of ultra-low rider jeans coming in (special for the bff--there is a reason yes)--two pairs of earth shoes and one is a pair of mules--I had to toss my favourite mules after the first move here (as the rental truck experiences will now be called move one, move two and move three consecutively) due to damage--they were cheap pleather, and had a stacked 3 inch platform--and the x hated them because he's so short anyway and I was about 6'2" in them--I hated to toss them and kept them as long as I could. I've been missing having mules to wear. Sounds lame, but I love them for some reason.
A hanging rack for clothing, because what I found was better made and roughly $25 cheaper than a trip to target. A shoe rack that holds thirty pairs of shoes--now hold your breath--my sister will not believe this--I don't think even with the two new pairs coming that I will have thirty pairs of shoes, even including my boots. Yeah, I go from hundreds of pairs of shoes to under thirty. I am sure it's close to thirty though, counting the boots. :-) And the funny thing is all the loafers I own. Like six pairs of loafers. It's so weird. I like loafers, don't get me wrong. But overall loafers and me do not appear to go together. Of course, I do have 4 pairs of platform sandals. Hahaha. I love boots and live in them all year. I found the earth shoes on ebay looking for a new pair of moccasin boots--which I did find and did not yet buy, because I want real mocs, not something with plastic on the bottom. Real flexible leather all the way around, top and bottom. No sole except the leather itself. Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to find that?? I have been looking for over ten years now.
Anyway, there's my storage room issues --at least the big ones-- taken care of. I still have 2 boxes of detritus to go through--papers, art bits, who knows what stuffed in where. That comes--later today actually. I guess. :-)
I believe I will be getting the two bookcases for my bedroom, although my dearest son may not like what that means to his pillow pit. :-) Just not sure on the whole when though.

My latest copies of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass came this week too (or rather the week of our return--I am still off on timing) and E watched them yesterday. I didn't realise the one was a musical. I am not sure that's a good thing or not. E asked me if we had the cartoon Alice (disney version)--and I'd been putting off ordering it--until yesterday. Now I can say it's mine and I bought it for her--the best of both worlds. lol
It was late at night though, when the real desire hit me.
See, earlier this week (last week--work with me), things happened--and I now get to get a new tattoo. I cannot yet say why, since he reads this blog at random and I don't want the real reason revealed to him til I have the ink under my skin. BUT--Chinoise here gets to get a Japanese tattoo. One of these days I am going to do the research. I do not think the Japanese ever did the foot binding thing. I have dreams--every time I touch that man I get the imagery--a bushido warrior (which means he has to be Japanese, right? --I can see his armour--it's Japanese styled) following the little Chinese princess (or whatever royal) as she totters through the dust on her golden lilies, banished from the castle and yet protected by this man for all their lives.
I have two Chinese characters on my body. Now, keeping in mind my feet still show portents of having worn golden lilies, and I won't go into detail about how when I was younger I would cry for wanting my feet bound so badly.....and I don't mean 8-9 years old either. My Chinese symbols are ankle-tats. Well, teh one is higher than ankle, but same area, same difference, fairly much.
Anyway, because of something my friend and I did together, which pulled out a strand of thread from the web of life (long long story here--talk about past life issues), and changed the courses of several issues. I knew then I was going to be getting a tattoo--and I knew why immediately. Most of my tats mark something somehow. And every important man in my life is marked by one of my tats. I get to push back getting my decorative om for this one. I had an idea of what the new tat would be before I went to bed that night, before he even left the house, but I went to bed asking to be shown what I should get and being able to remember when I woke up in the morning.
What I originally wanted was the entire Bushido code--but since there seems to be some discrepancies as to 7 or 8 and other possibilities--I decided the best thing I could do was take the core and apply it. So, bushido. Japanese kanji letters. In a rather prominent place--which I was not expecting. Although I was not in charge of the tat placement this time. Do you know how hard it is to get even someone like my bff to 'give me ideas' as to where a tat like this should go when he isn't sure there's not an ulterior motive?? He did come through quite well too.
Although there is no real way for me to prepare and plan clothing to wear for where this tat is going. And this is going to be even more weird, but I hope I don't get pregnant until the tat heals completely, even though it is only an outline and it will be small-ish.
And I went here why? Because I finally ordered my sumi-e books last night. Alot of the past life stuff is twirled up when we enter that region. Chinese. Japanese. But I am so so strongly drawn to the black and white, the utter balanced off-balance imagery, the sheer simple beauty and perfection found in sumi-e.
Yeah, I keep pushing off my drawing classes and then buy these books. :-) That's me. Yes.

Ok, small girl has awakened and is now demanding. Nothing in particular. She's just demanding. So I am off to see what trouble I can keep out of today.

And thanks for listening to the ramble there........