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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Good Things For Today

Ok, fine, tantrum over--as long as I don't look around.

Things I accomplished today:

I begged my son this morning for first dibs on the television--which means I got to do a full hour of asana practise. He only complained for ten minutes--I spent the entire practise doing Yoga with a boy who was helping (playing) and a dog who still hasn't cottoned on to the whole go away I'm doing Yoga phrase yet (I had the old cats trained to go sit elsewhere when I uttered the word Yoga, else they would try to sit on me while I practised).
I am trying very hard to switch my schedule to asana practise before writing in the mornings--but to ensure that both are part of every single morning. I wasn't sure I'd be able to pull it off w the boy here--but it does seem I can-so long as I am sure to feed him first--and to ignore his help the rest of the time.
Half moon is impossible with him around though. :-)

For some bizarre reason, I wanted to SEE octopus in action, swimming,moving, being, today. Youtube doesn't work well for me because my high-speed AT&T connection sucks--it pauses--drops me at irregular yet constant intervals--all the time--for no reason--and of course AT&T says I must be dreaming--they show no such problems. Did I mention I greatly dislike AT&T? So, I went fishing. I found a couple underwater wildlife dvds with the octopus more featured than not. At this point, if I can find a few minutes of footage to watch over and over, I'm happy.

Thanks to my copy of "The Octopus and the Orangutan" by Eugene Linden, I found a couple more octopus books as well. And only one of them, which turned up during one of the other searches, is a kids book. And I found that the Jacques Costeau tv show is now available on dvd, so that's been wish-listed for later too.

Was it really yesterday when I ordered all sorts of toys, in conjunction with my best friend? By gods, it was. Amazing. It seems like darn near a week ago. I am really too far off-kilter at the moment. He placed an order. I placed an order. Both boxes are coming to my house. Aren't we scary?

Due to things brought up in the Session yesterday, I bought a chair for doing chair massage today. I don't actually DO chair massage professionally--although I do alot of massage work on certain people-for free and because they need it. And I am going to be in need of the chair for business purposes soon enough, so I am told. So that's taken care of. I now have to sell my old table--the 'good' table was stolen by my brother while it was at Ma's. This table here is just too small for me. I couldn't have used the one J took anyway--the ex had swiped it while we were living with him--and it was effectively ruined as he has no clue how to take care of things, much less cleanse, clear or clean things, especially when they belong to someone else.

My yard shrubs are here--can't do anything with them right now but pray they don't die before I get them planted. Thankfully they have guarantees, but I don't want them hurt if I can help it. Going to buy tomato cages or whatever when R can make it over to take us to get them. I still do not trust either dog nor neighbour kids not to kill them. At least I can say the back yard will be fenced in soon. Then I could care less. About the dog anyway.

I have kept up with my writing goals. Even by doing Yoga first instead of writing first. Writing I can start and stop if I have to log in to work before my piece is done. Yoga is ruined the first moment the phone rings. I will no longer permit that to happen.

My earth shoe mules made it in today--for which I am quite happy. I like them, scuffed up and nerdy, but so cool. They have a stacked heel, but the reverse ergonomics is very present in these. I like that. Way too much. Ahh, the things to which I have become addicted.

I even patched up three pairs of jeans today, very quickly and easily. Two of them were new, but that's ok. New as in new to me. The ultra low rider experiment did not turn out as desired. An 8 inch rise is not ultra low--sorry. We did find real ultra low riders--with a 5.5 inch rise--and maybe I'll be getting a pair of those soon too. We'll see. Other things to worry about instead right now. Funny, if I had found these ones first and just bought them--I'd have ended up spending less money! Figures, huh. :-)
If only you knew the real reason behind the ultra low riders--it's to uhm humiliate and irritate a certain friend's girlfriend, on purpose, because I was asked to do so, because I am the only one with the uhm conjones to do such a thing. And I so love to make people uncomfortable--let me amend--people like her. Not just anyone and not just everyone. And not just any time either. We have a specific plan. Not that at this point do we think we can pull it off at all--except by act of god, but that doesn't have anything to do with me.

I am gritting my teeth so badly right now I have to go take something for my headache--it's the stress--see the previous post for a hint about why.

More soon--hopefully in a happier mood too.