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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Something Else

Yes, I am having a day, trying to reach out to people and places that reach out to me, or at least reach out to someone who reaches out to me, since this became a journey into blog-hopping this morning.....

I am going to leap up into the air like a little kid, and do a quirky move, and then say, look what I can do, a la Mad Tv....
then say--
hey look what I found:

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I am taking the question I found on the blog that I got this from :

“How do you arrange your books on your shelves? Is it by author, by genre, or you just put it where it falls on?”

Please let it be known in this house there are no less than 14 bookcases--and I am about to buy 2 more. Only 3 of these currently in-house are not 72 (or whatever) inches high. We have books. We have books that are double and triple stacked on shelves.

Now, normally, I divide my books into kids books that they can have now, future school books, books I've read, books I haven't read. Then the kids books are divided between their rooms, and whatever other shelves need to be used for this. My books usually get divided by topics and related topics. Fiction (vampire, werewolf, sci fi, fantasy, etc). Non-fiction. Biography and auto-biography. Home-schooling. Alchemy. Cookbooks. Erotic. Art. Child-care. Yoga. Natural health (for humans and animals--and even plants). Crafts, broken down usually by craft--as in my knitting books far outweigh most of my other crafty-type books. Spiritual. Religious. (No, not the same thing, honest) Magickal. I have a plethora of how to books--gardening, wood working, home improvement, house plants, home maintenance and clean (yes, I own alot of Martha Stewart--even though she does NOT live here and it's fairly obvious). I keep my stash of blank journals and blank books--elsewhere (this stash does not include the stash of notebook paper and notebooks that I have--in several different places throughout the house.....). I like to learn things--and I fail to believe in myself enough to just do them--even though no matter how many books I read or borrow that is really all it comes down to, isn't it?
Yada yada yada.

How are they arranged now?
Uhm......when we moved here--I just kinda ...put things on a shelf where there was a shelf to put them on...all my knitting and crochet books are together--because they came with me on move one, whereas the majority of other books moved in after the horrendous move two (uhm--flipped the moving truck, totaled my car, had to get my best friend to save me again--are we seeing a theme with him here--not that I don't pay him back or anything--but still..........)--so I was under a great deal of stress--and I sort of bought bookcases as I could afford them and as we had the vehicle to grab one or two at a time. So on the shelves themselves the books are grouped in similar categories, but the categories are splintered all over the my goal has become to one day re-unite all the categories and straighten things out--and actually buy enough bookshelves that I don't have to stack every shelf two or three rows deep--which with us here does become difficult.........

But that's my answer and I am sticking to it. :-)