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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oh, Sweethearts, Please

Sweetheart, you have a life now. The Universe twisted itself inside out to give you a clue--don't slap the Universe in the face. You were legally forcibly removed from the house and forbidden contact for 30 days.
People showed up to help you. You were loved and supported and aided. You have a new home. You have a much better space. You have some rebuilding to do, yes, but overall you are in such a better space, literally, figuratively, metaphorically.
Stop worrying about the abusive guy. PLEASE. Move on. He is all about control and manipulation. Even you admit it. There are so many people dying to be there for you, in so many capacities. Please, find a therapist. Please, work on rebuilding your body and mind and finances--and just go on and forget the last guy. You weren't even with him for an entire year. Your life is not over. Move on and move up in the world.

Darling, you have not done everything you can. You are still keeping him afloat. You take care of all his money. You make sure his bills are paid. You do his laundry. You buy food and prepare it just for him. You take care of him. You take his calls. You are there for his sexual edification, even if it is not full-blown intercourse.
Yes, he loves you. But he loves himself more. He has no desire and no reason to change the way he is currently doing things. He's not going to change. YOU have to. If you have to lose the business, then you do. If you have to lose the house, guess what, you do. If you have to move further away from him, then you have to do it. You will not physically improve until you have cut him off entirely and start to make your own way and your own life again.
Until you believe that you can cut him entirely out of your life, out of the business, out of the house, out of your father's house, you will not make any forward progress.
The Universe is not doing this to you. You are doing this to you. You are allowing him to do this to you. You cannot blame Guides or the Universe nor anyone else.
It can be done.

Your idea of space is a farce. If you are too simple to make a decision, let him make it and quit playing your childish little games. You are a manipulative person and your games have gone on for too long. Stop it.