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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Other Bracelets

While the ex had my other name bracelet and was supposedly repairing it (note--with the re-stringing of beads and the repair--fixing the bracelet in the previous post took me less than 5 minutes, ok)--I ordered another name bracelet, because I wanted something pretty. I thought I was buying an interconnected bracelet that had two strands--what I got was two bracelets. I love them to death; do not get me wrong. I just wanted them to be connected.
I have also since ordered another bracelet that will have the double strand that I am looking for.
I changed the clasps on both of these, because they came with the typical necklace style clasp that are hard for me to open and close on my own. I gave them lobster clasps so I can work them myself. If I cannot work them myself I cannot wear them.

I think these are beautiful.