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Friday, February 27, 2009

Questions And Reflections has a questions and reflections message and I receive it every single day. I used to try to answer them when the mood struck me, long ago. Then I stopped, for whatever reason.

Then I decided about a week ago I wanted to do more--I wanted to start answering them again.
I have no idea what happened to my account when they transformed from zaadz to gaia--but I haven't been able to log in since the change--but that's ok--because I opened a new account and I am pretty happy with things again. I like gaia even better than zaadz--though I am in no way knocking zaadz.

What I am trying to say is--I am planning to bring the questions here--simply because this is the one place I always come back to in a timely manner--eventually anyway. :-)

I didn't put the date with these questions--they are all recent. I simply wrote the question down on my thinking pad and went on with my day. I have answered several of them in my head already, but as yet have not put anything down in print.
I can not promise really long keen cool answers to any or every question--I will just answer with what comes up for me. Sometimes that brings up more stuff later on. Sometimes it doesn't.

The question with which I am beginning is this one:

Where did you come from?

Truly? Everywhere and nowhere.
I come from in between the stacks of books in every library in every town.
I come from between every flip of film in every movie I have seen and not seen, every one I have been in, and been away from.
I come from within my own mind and my own brain--from within the calm still pool near the kelpie's pond, from the burned out hollow of a log where lightning struck, from where the volcanoes belch into the seas, from the morning's mist and the monsoon's poisons.
I come here.
I'm not yet sure where else to go.

What will I never regret?

Giving birth to all my children, regardless of the people in my life at any time.

What is one thing that there are no words for?
There are always words, even if the words are insufficient. If you can't find the words in one language, try looking in another. There are always ways to express the inexpressible.

What have you been carrying the longest?

It's a toss-up between Guilt and Shame.

Where is your favorite place to hide?

Inside myself.
In a big wide crowded room full of people.
In a small room with not many people.
In the grocery store.
In the woods.
In my dreams.

What kind of angel would you want to be?

I like this one; it's funny and quirky. It made me think--and shows how funny and quirky I am. And not funny haha either.

I would not want to be an angel at all. There are too many rules and regulations associated with being an angel.
I'd rather be a fairy. But not a fairy god-mother or anything--because then we still get stuck in the whole rules things.
Fairies can pretty much do what they want--they can be utterly rude and cruel and careless--and beautiful and striking and charming. All at the same time. I can be hateful and loving in one breath. That's the easy part.

If I were an angel, I'd be a solitary angel. I'd have to go away from everyone else, all their problems and troubles, their rules and attitudes. I'd have to go sit and ponder all day and watch the world go on and on.

What type of weather are you wishing for today?

Better ask me where I want the weather to be happening first. :-)
I would love a nice spring day, a little chilled, but a little warm. But only only at my house. I want a blizzard to cover all my neighbours. It sounds very unfriendly, but the neighbourhood kids (only two of them) mess with the dog and encourage her not only to hurt herself (she's on a lead as the backyard isn't fenced in all the way yet), as well as her bad habits like jumping, mouthing and barking--which we work so darned hard to make her stop here before she hurts one of the kids--mostly N.

If we were in a different house, I would say let it snow and let's light the fireplace and snuggle. Different house--different state--different country.

As things stand--it's cold and rainy and freezy. And that's ok too.

What is a must and a must not?

This one seems to speak more to one's personal ethical and moral boundaries--what I must do is not the same as what you must do--and so on.
Some of these boundaries of my own I am unaware of until I come up upon them -- sometimes my own boundaries surprise me.

We must do as our conscious guides us, to do or not to do.

Share the story of your life, using only six words.

Here I am, ready to go.