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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Birthday Hair

Every year for my birthday--or at least some time in February, I do something different to my hair. February is a really rough month for me--and although the utter gloom-and-doom-depression of years gone by is passed--I have this weird inconclusive energy all month long.

And it is always something w my hair--a new cut--a new style--a new colour (usually). Well, my hair I had cut in January and I still love it--so the cut is fine. And although my colour is -- in need of touch-up--(I have like 3 shades of blonde that I have used, on different sections of hair--on purpose--and now the roots are showing in more than just the rear)--but I am not in the mood to colour my hair at the moment.

My best friend took us out to dinner last night for my birthday--since his girlfriend is having surgery on my birthday--we went to Outback--and E not only ordered steak--but she ate it, most of it (and even tried the blooming onion too, without being harassed)--and then when we went to the grocery store afterwards we had to buy dead cow there too just for her--and she ate a whole steak for breakfast this morning--colour me amused and amazed. :-) Anyway--I only had 1 wallaby darned--I LOVE them--but the schnapps makes me leery since schnapps and I go way too far back and it's not pretty--funny what can happen to affect you your whole life--in just a few short hours on one new year's eve night........anyway--I was sober--but loose.

We were walking through the mall when the herstyler guy caught E looking at his wares--and offered a demo. Well, she's too shy--and I was all for it--although I don't think I had actually combed my hair in a week or so--at least I had washed it on Sunday, so thankfully it was clean. :-) So the guy straightens part of my hair--and it is great--and yes it is still straight--and shiny and soft. Then he curls E's hair --two little curls and this kid is in high heaven.

I've never been much into hot things near my head--my hair is very weird--brittle and thin and coarse and wiry and thick and spiral curly frizzy at its best--even without styling gear my hair is a frazzled dried out mess just because that's how it is. But this straightener was pretty cool.

So cool when we went to walmart we did some instant research--and this was before finding out how much they would have cost at the kiosk or online or anything. For $40 we got a really nice version of the exact same thing that was at the mall--without all the patterns and leopard skins and all of that--so I am happy and E is happy--although she's upset I can't make her hair curl w it--but I did tell her last night when we bought the straightener if I couldn't do the curls I'd buy a curling iron just for her hair. And next time we go to the store--I will.

Only part of my hair was straightened last night, by the kiosk guy. This morning--after I had an argument with the stupidity of the breaker box in the house--I straightened my entire head of hair--I still need practise to get it all right--but I can do it--and my entire head too--and it does look really--good. I think it is faintly disturbing. I really like it--but it is so different. :-)