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Monday, April 13, 2009

A Beautiful Question

What is it that you are wanting to blossom and bloom in your life? Could you use a colorful painting as the base for a dreamboard?

Leah asks this question at the end of her post of her incredible painting. One day, I will be able to paint that way. :-)

But her question keeps coming back to me.

What is it that you are wanting to blossom and bloom in your life?

It is blossoming and blooming right now. Right under my nose for 9 years now has been the perfect man--it took me this long to realize just how far it could go. It would be a lie to say I didn't see him-I have held him up as the example of the perfect man on so many levels for some many reasons to so many people. I knew how good he was--I just never thought I'd be good enough.

Do you know what happens when you trust and have faith and just blindly believe? Really good things can happen.

They did for me.

Talk about Fearless True Love ....

Yep--that is what is currently blossoming and blooming in my world--to the chagrin of many others.......

It is an incredible thing.

I don't think, examining the current state of things, I have ever experienced actual love before--not like this. There is nothing false or fake or needy about it. Greedy, yes, because time is limited and we have parameters and boundaries due to other circumstances. But this is something so out of my league--I cannot quantify it.

I am so about to cause issues with my next statement: it's like my definition of Spirit. If you can quantify "God" then--you limit "God". My view of the Great Creator is that GC is all aspects of the gods and goddesses we humans have created in order to get closer to GC.
My definition of this love is there is no definition-it cannot be put into a box; it cannot be limited--it is ever expanding, all consuming and every growing. In good and healthy ways. I will not place limits on it or put it in a box-because to do so would be to limit it--and see its end--and there is no end to this love. Not that I can see.

Funny. I have x-whom I told all along he would go away and it wasn't permanent.
I have x-for whom I sold my soul and died a thousand deaths believing his lies and convincing myself he had to be worth believing after what I did and what I gave up for him.

Now, I have a man in my life that none of that garbage that applied before-in any other relationship--applies now. This is so outside my range of comprehension. But I love it. Every single minute of it.

And I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world.

But-as for Leah's otehr question:
yes-I could use that gorgeous painting of hers as a spring board for a dream board. So many possibilities................

In fact, the dream board I did for this full moon is so amazing. I am wondering what I will do for next month---and how it will turn out. This month's has had some amazing benefits!