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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Playful Poetry Thursday

I write free-style poetry. The textyladies posted a renga prompt. I am not in the mindset to count today-nor to rhyme nor to work on my iambic pentameter. Or anything else for that matter. So I took the basic structure of the renga form and I adapted it to my own quirky wants and needs.

And one of these days, you, I will be able to look you in the eye, without looking as if I am about to cry, and say the words--and include one more that I as yet have not: IN. I can't say it to you yet--even though I can't stop thinking it.


One small word
Counting high

Breaking through
To another side

Touching me
Where no man could
Blinding me

Softly grazing
Never phasing

Holding tight
Coiled in a ball
Alive at last

After so long
Now to stand tall

Uneasy in faith

Must believe
Learning to trust

Broken inside
Shoved aside
Just so lost

Struck now by your eyes
And their embrace

If I close mine
To step inside
Who holds my hand

While busy
Holding on to yours

The fragile state
Like floating breath
Glassine butterflies

My heart is there
Too scared to be frozen

Love is a simple thing
You open your heart
That is the thing

Soul depths
No hiding

Stepping in
Inside my brain
Inside my night

My hearts burns there
Just for you

Touching me
Holding me
Falling in too