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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sarah Is Having A Give-Away On Her Blog!

Sarah Sullivan of Cottage Garden Studio is having an art give-away.
She's giving away two pieces, but you will have to go to her blog and see what she's offering.

I love her work.

She has the ability to tap something that causes me to think, hey, that could be my mother-my mother, who is a very witchy person. I swear the houses Sarah draws look an awful lot like my mother's house, minus the cats. My mom is a little dog person.

And of course around here the Halloween aspect is always a beautiful thing.

My boyfriend actually bought me two of her pieces recently. And we will not go into my reaction to his having done this-it jsut proves I've dated complete losers all my life, that something so small and genuine could mean so very much to me.

The 'Heart of Darkness' picture that he bought me is one of those pictures when I saw it I had to step back and say, whoa. First of all, I think Sarah did draw me, on my horse, cause I used to have a roan named Sergeant Pepper who looks darn near exactly like the horse in the picture Sarah drew--not to mention--the hair on the woman riding the horse--and walking into the cave of Darkness--which is shaped like a Heart--and the Tree reaching out for the rider, to help or hinder....
Sarah has a mythical Talent that really touches me.

You should definitely check out her blog here and her etsy store here. She's a very powerfully creative woman.