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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Just Don't Tell The Ex

I mowed my lawn this morning. And I loved it. Do not tell the ex. I always told him it wasn't my job and I wouldn't do it, period, hands down. If I had let him know I'd do it, he wouldn't have lifted not finger one in regards to the house or the kids. Come on, the guy could not manage to get his dirty dishes into the kitchen, much less the sink. I wasn't about to give him an inch.

I have always loved yard work. I used to mow the lawn--and I loved it, using a lawn tractor (and trust me, the yard was big enough to warrant it too) when I was a kid and we lived in AL. I haven't done anything like mow since then. I've just been happy planting and growing things. I like to prune things, lol. As way too many people can attest. :-) But at least I am good at growing things and keeping them happy. It's always much better when I do things my way versus someone else's way. I know what the plants are looking for -- I listen.

No. I didn't use my mower--I borrowed bff's--thankfully. It would take alot of effort to actually get to mine right now--it's under a bunch of stuff, behind a bunch of stuff, at the far side of the room. :-)
And we are working on the fence before we work on the shed.

It wasn't cold but it wasn't warm this morning. It was ok. The weather had warmed up significantly from the freeze warnings we've had. Both my lilacs and my roses seem hale and hearty.

I mowed the lawn, which is a very meditative experience--until the girl woke up and followed me around like a little puppy. I was certain she was going to get smacked by something flying out from under the mower--somehow she managed to avoid it. Some days I wonder about this child. I really do.

I avoided mowing over all major non-grass growth. The mystery boxwoods are safe and sound. My whatever they are not-quite-bushes in the front of the house are growing well. I even found out I have a patch of lamb's ear growing in the front yard. How cool is that?

I love my yard. Full of clover and wild onions and everything else. I love it. I have no plans to weed and feed the yard. Feed, yes. But not weed. I like the clover and the onions. And I love the lamb's ear.

So, today, taking advantage of being logged out of work and of the nicer weather, I decided to do some planting while I was outside.

Dad had ordered three mountain rues--which are now planted between the whatever they are not-quite-bushes. He had also ordered us bearded iris (my grandmother loved bearded iris) -- and I planted those in front of the lilac bushes. He ordered gladioli as well--which I planted in a double row in front of the rue.

Yes, the other rue seems to be doing well in the little planter. I don't think the seeds have begun to sprout yet though.

We also planted the black elephant's ear, on the side of the carport where E can see it whenever she wants to and it doesn't get in the way of the neighbors or me. She is still upset I refused to plant it right smack dab in the center of the yard. :-)

I planted my tiger lilies right in front of the front sidewalk. So whenever I look out the front door I get hit with flowers from every angle. I cannot wait til everything grows in. I am not so good with flowering plants in the house. I've never really grown anything other than roses outside -- and I was slavishly devoted to my roses. They ate better than the dogs. I am not doing that this time, unless I find a really good deal on the rose bushes and I put them in front of the fence we haven't put up yet. What I have is what I am working with--and I am not so crazy in caring for them as I was the other ones that I had to abandon in Ft Smith. Not that I won't take care of these guys--but I didn't dig a flower bed or line it with hair and dog chow--so there is a big difference right there.

My poor little dwarf burning bushes got planted today. The poor things were budding in their plastic bags, with the slit in the bottom so the water in the bucket could get to them. Now they are happy and planted, in the side yard, where I can at least see a couple of them from the front door. Once I get the other shrubs planted and they start growing, I will no longer be able to see the dwarfs from my bedroom window.

I did plant the yucca. I was going to plant one on each side of the driveway, but it's too thin and rocky on the one side--so I planted them both on the same side within a foot of one another. We'll see how it goes. They can always be dug up and replanted--or at least one of them can. :-)

What is really terrific from my point of view is yet again Mother Nature stepped in to help me out. I didn't have to water in a bloody thing. As soon as I came inside after planting, the sky started to darken. Thunder began to rumble. It started to sprinkle, and has been fairly steady raining ever since. So all my stuff gets watered in really well today. I am very happy with that.

Tomorrow it's supposed to have a no rain slot somewhere in the day--although we all know I have no compunction about planting stuff in the rain either. :-) The siberian elms get planted tomorrow and that will be the last of the planting of things currently hanging out in buckets for this house. And we still have 10+ trees coming from the arbor day foundation no less! I have no clue what I am going to do then. :-) Good thing my side yard is so big--and good thing I can share the trees with my bff too.

Now, what I want is about 5 or so other big clay pots, like the 3 I already have (would have 4 if dumb dog hadn't murdered one :-) )--I need to plant rosemary asap. I have the perfect spot for it too. I want to grow basil and mints in the big pots. I found a short article today about how to grow different herbs in small pots, as part of a patio garden.

We still have the upside down tomato garden thing. I think next paycheck I will decide what we are growing there. But my herbs will be in the pots in the front.

I want potted rosemary at the front and the back doors. In the front, I can actually plant it in the ground. I have no such choice in the backyard. And I always have to have mints and basils planted. That's just me. I have white sage seeded, and two types of holy basils as well. We'll see how those do. We have a bunch of seeds that I may grow or not. I don't know yet. I know I will have to pick a spot and toss wildflower seeds. Hmm. :-) I have a couple ideas. :-)

After we get all the shrubs into the ground, I am going to have to decide where to put the sunflowers and the castor beans. Not to mention, we are going to try to grow those pumpkins this year too. :-) At least one of them. :-)

I love this. My own home. My own lawn. My own yard. My own rules.

When we leave this place I am digging the rue and taking it with me though. The rest I know I can replace fairly cheap--but we'll have to see. My rue, however, very definitely comes with me. lol