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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Moment For Synchronicity

I was checking out other blogs involved with the Creative Every Day Challenge--which is what I do--both because it is polite--and because the artwork is so rich and so varied and I love being able to say nice things to people.....

When I came upon this blog.
I do try to look around as much as I can at every blog I visit, just because I am usually fascinated.
Did we jump into the rabbit hole yet? :-)
Because from there I of course had to go look at the personal map making on CollageDiva, which I read with vigor.
And that of course lead me here to Marney of Artella, whom I already love to pieces anyway. Which made me really really wan to not only learn Soul Mapping, but to order a session with Marney. See here for her Creative Cartography Coaching.

Now, I may have started my journey a blog hoppin' sober--but that's not how i was when I ended up reading about Marney's creative cartography coaching sessions.
Bf is under a great deal of stress. Which means I am under a great deal of stress. I could not for the life of me yesterday get my shoulders to release or relax.
I am trying to shift my Yoga practise to night so that I have the morning to write. Which means yesterday I didn't have the fluidity I needed to combat his stress in my body. Both the Yoga and the stress are projects in progress. I am trying to find my happy medium with both.
I did know a much easier way to get myself to relax. So about 5p I took the frozen margarita bottle out of the freezer to thaw.
You know what thaws first? The tequila. I don't think I started to sip my one margarita til after 8p. I know I ate first, because I have to, regardless. I made the mistake of calling bf well I was tipsy-although for the most part I kept my mouth shut about the things that are ravenous maggots in my soul at the moment. :-)
But I did tell him all about Marney and the maps. And as I am walking around my house, cleaning--yeah-it helps to be tipsy to get me to do that some days-although I normally do it after I log off work anyway-unless I can come up with a really good excuse--I looked over on my bookshelf--and said--only my Guides could find something -- in all my mess and with my bookshelves completely not in any but the most random of order for the most part--what do my Guides spy for my little eye?

A book I have quite literally owned for years but have yet to crack open to read, even though the subject has long held my interest, even though the whole process of mapping has been gnawing away on its own corner of my brain for weeks .
"Soul Mapping" by Nina H frost, Dr Kenneth C Ruge and Dr Richard W Shoup.
So, sorry, Marney, but I do have to save my money. We are saving up to buy a bigger house. :-) Not to mention a car as well, but that's a horse of another colour entirely.

Have i opened said book yet? Nope. I have been working on the Muse Series--and of course pondering the extent of housework I would really like to hire someone else to do -- except that I have a 7 year old who really ought to understand the concept of household chores better than she does. I'd settled for seeing the floor in her room at this point.

However, the book is going into my practical bag, along with "A Year of Creativity" by Brenda Mallon, which I have been meaning to work on and work with for well over a year now since I bought the darn thing. :-)

Where did the map thing begin>
With the mere mention of a heart map.

Now, keep an eye out.
The Surrender Box is next.
I found it through this blog....