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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Poetic Asides Day 26

No Miscommunication

I keep trying to tell you
Words don’t really mean much
If you don’t back them up
With the things you do
The things I see
The actions you take
You need to walk your talk
That sort of thing
Here’s what I hear
From you
I love you
I want to fix things
I won’t give up
What I see
It must have been weeks ago
When you found out
You had the tickets
It didn’t come up in
Any conversation
Because it’s just not your thing
Then this Wednesday
You decide to
Bite the bullet
And test me
See if I will jump
You ask me to go
With you
If I want to go
To spend time together
With you
But you don’t reply to my email on Friday
You don’t take any of my calls
When you do get around to calling me
That same night
After an hour or so
You already have another guy
Slated to go with you
To something you have always said
You have no interest in
Am I missing something
Or do your actions
What your words belie
I am so not
Your fall-back guy
And you are the real reason