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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

To Wishcasters, Full Moon Dreamers and Everyone Else As Well

I meant to do this yesterday-I am still trying to catch up with myself. I seem to be making progress, but everything moves round in circle with me, so sometimes forward progress is not so forward as it seems, even though I keep forging ahead.

I know that in my life, things happen. Wish magic is an incredibly powerful tool.

To everyone who comes here to read all my mess, and who wishes with me, thank you.
I mean that in a HUGE way--THANK YOU.

Wish magic may work for me when I am all alone. But the magnitude and the speed and the force with which things have been moving and coming true since i joined up with Wishcasting Wednesday and Jamie Ridler's 'crew' -- it is all so amazing and stunning and -- fantastic.

I could not have done it without you--even if I get mean at times when I am clearing--but then again-I would prefer it come out rather than fester. I have festered for far too long.

I truly and honestly hope and pray and wish with all my heart your wishes and dreams are coming true as powerfully and as well and as fast as mine are.

Every single day I wish this for each of you.

I am grateful for your energies and loves and wishes along with me.

More than I can say.