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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Poetic Asides Day 21

I submitted One to the Poetic Asides site this morning.
I read something yesterday--I didn't realize until now--that hurt me, a great deal. It brought up alot of , pain, for me--about the child I was, about my own children.
I did my usual thing and I stuffed it, way down deep, so I wouldn't have to deal with it.
I can no longer hide--not even from myself, these days.
I awoke this morning, smiling and content.
Then I started to think--my daughter's room looks like --well, like monsters had a party and tore the place to pieces. I have removed toys. I have offered direction. I have made threats, offered bribes--even offering to get her coveted nintendo ds which I feel rivals the end of civilization--yet to no avail. That led me down the path of my room when I was her age--as it was the same condition--but for vastly vastly different reasons. VASTLY.
The reasons mine was such a mess happened to surface--which led me to a particular memory that still gives me nightmares to this day--and is the one reason I may go to jail for protecting animals that cannot protect themselves one day--and why I so want to have the Rescue Ranch one day.....
Hey--look at the amount of stuff I am figuring out about myself today.
Think I am going to stop now. :-)


Awaken to beauty
Thinking then
Day all shot to hell


Woke up happy
Forced their way in
Uneasy now


Open my eyes to the sun
Darkness follows
Drifting memory lane


Open to the sun
Bursting with beauty and trust
One dead man kills all


Can’t quite stop shaking
Memories drifting too fast
Ax falls—darkness claims