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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Muse Series

First of all, let it be known that the Muse Series has nothing to do with the Poetic Asides prompt poem I wrote today. Honest. I was on the phone when I wrote down my 6 random words to use in the sestina prompt. I wasn't really thinking, not before nor after I finished it. Not til I actually posted it and went--oooohhhhh. :-)

Yesterday, I started writing this piece, which I called Muse Journey Part 1.
I almost knew when I started writing it that there would be more to it.

I was not that surprised not long after I finished part one that I began writing Muse Journey Part 2.
Of course, once i got there, I knew something bigger would be coming.

I started Muse Journey Part 3, but had to stop after just a few paragraphs, because ti was starting to get to hairy for me and I needed the space. Part 3 sat and waited. Until I finished it today.

Which made writing Muse Journey Part 4 seem like a breeze.

My original intent last night was to write a five part series and end it there. Here is Muse Journey Part 5.

When I finished that last part, I thought, yes, this is good enough, this is the end. I'm done with it. I usually do not write interconnected bits like this. Usually I write in pieces, but I never try to make anything fir with anything else. I write a beginning over here--I write an end for something else completely--then I'll go over here to work on this middle. Or maybe I'll just work up a quick description of something or someone that I will use later on in something entirely different.

This piece, this series, it's quite a bit different.
I know now there will be a part 6. Most of it is already written in my head, waiting for me to sleep on it and expand and expound upon it before I sit in front of my computer to pull forth the rest of the details. If I am luck, my drawing Muse will wallop me upside the head as well and I shall be compelled to draw the image I keep getting in my head. We'll see about that. I lack a great deal of confidence in that arena yet-but I am getting there.

The whole thing with the Muse again is very compelling with me. I am going through some very major shfits and changes of late.
I had my very first in-house client this past week--and I am very proud of myself. And I just loved her. She is someone I want to see again, when she is ready and able. :-) Of course, it didn't dawn on me til the day after I did it, but I actually used the money I earned with that client to buy my bf and I a set of matching rings. Hand-crafted silver, from Ireland, no less. ;-) As soon as I saw what they said I knew I had to have them for us. The one thing I find the most funny is I never believed in such a term for real until the boundaries dropped with this man. Now I get it. Now I believe. And since all he knows is I ordered the rings--and he is quite grumpy about that anyway--I cannot yet tell what the rings say--I won't ruin that surprise. :-)
I am actually drawing--bit by bit. I am again writing alot more. I had that burst there and then things muddled up about a few things with bff and I of course stopped writing because that is the first thing that stops with me.
But there are so many things that are moving and shifting and going on--and as frightened as I am I am forcing myself to go along and to be happy. Well, forcing the happy is a little strong--I just have to trust that I can be happy. Some days I just don't know if I can do it...then of course life will drop something in my lap for me to fuss and worry about--and then I get over it and am allright again.

It's a new awakening. A rebirth. I kinda like where everything is going. So I am just going to keep taking slow deep breaths and going along with it. What else is there for me to do?