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Monday, April 13, 2009

My Mother

In November, when we had the accident, my mother told me that sometimes it seems like the Universe decides we should all have a day-or a night- in a fire station. Sometimes that's what it takes to re-order our lives. I am paraphrasing heavily, of course.

My mother and I, when I was a young child, spent the night in a fire station, after a snowstorm and a car accident. It was a good thing for her/us then. This last time, with my daughter, a dog, a bird and me, it turned out to be a very good thing for me/us.

I keep cross-checking and referencing my Guides--and R's Guides, since they will not go away even when I asked them nicely :-) although I wouldn't have it any other way at this point, they do come in handy--as to how I could have missed what they keep claiming are GREAT BIG RED FLAGS for the past 9 years.

I am fascinated by the things that were there in front of me--from the very beginning--even though there were other paths as well that could have been chosen. Funny now as I look, both he and I decided why bother with the other path, we want the one that we are going to end up on anyway.

While in the middle of writing this, I get an email from my mother.

She has seen this all along, but didn't want to push me towards it because she didn't want to ruin things for me.

Must I always be the last one to know?

And my mom is spot on for other people-she knew x and x were not going to be pleasant--among other things. This one is the one that is going to stick-even she says so.

Ok. Instead of scaring me more, I am starting to relax into things and look forward to them.

That's a real plus after what's been going on lately. :-)

And to think, if not for that bloody truck over-turning like that and having to do all this stuff to get our lives back in order, it would have taken years for R and me to reach this point...where I was more open to the possibilities--since he's always been open to it.

You have to love a man willing to give you your space to screw up your life every which way and still be there for you. In whatever capacity.