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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Poetic Asides Day 28

Seeking the Muse

I am nothing more than the roar of the dragon
Whipping away on the wings on the raven
Sailing at dawn into the moon
Eyes closed and mouth full of silver
To have the means to pay my muse
To get me across that river

Setting down I find myself standing at the river
Driven on by daemons inside bursting forth the dragon
Slams into heart and soul and pushes forth the raven
Leaving me stranded in the noon searching for the moon
Penniless now after the gulp of fear I am without my silver
There in the middle of the wake stands my pitiless muse

She laughs at me, my terrible muse
Pointing in dread she says I must swim the river
Must come to her breathing fire like the dragon
Dipping toes into the waves like the glow of the feather of the raven
Looking down I see I am the flow beneath the moon
Enchanting by the way my hair melts and seems like silver

Gleaming oozing tendrils like snakes of silver
Dangling from my shoulders reaching for my muse
In supplication as I deny the urge to fly into the river
Arms open wide, praying to land on the back of the dragon
So he can fly me to the other side, him or the raven
Standing there perched in the tree reflected back at me by the moon

It is not to be as I watch the clouds hide from me the moon
Standing by with clouds in my eyes as my body turns to silver
I soften and dissolve mixing into the waters to seek my muse
Becoming as one with the currents of the river
Flowing back and forth holding to the whiskers of the water dragon
Who whirls through the waters unhindered with the same grace as the raven

Winging through the breeze the stately man gracing the bridge that raven
Silhouetted in the gleam as he calls out to the moon
With filigrees and bows of silver
Clinging to his back as he climbs astride my muse
To merge and disintegrate as did I in the river
Where I am lost again with only my dragon

For company, are they not the same this dragon and raven
For pray for me in song to the moon for silver
That I might be delivered to my muse at the river