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Thursday, April 30, 2009

How To Name A Character In Three Easy Steps

You've seen this picture before--I posted it not long ago. This is simply a better shot, since my scanner and pc are still not on speaking terms as yet.

I was invited to put my poor shy beast on the InnerDonkey blog by Heather Blakey-so a picture of my donkey and notebook was not good enough. I took another one and made sure the notebook part was cropped out--until I get my darned scanner and pc talking, at least, this is the best I can do.

Not only did my little donkey need a story of his own--and yes, he has been a he from the moment I drew him, for some reason. I don't know why. Then again, the majority of my Spirit Guides are male, and they have so set me up with the whole Donkey issue thing I am unsurprised anymore by a great many things. BUT--my little donkey needed a name.

I have many name books. I have for years. Have kept them for finding names for my characters. I have numerous websites I can go to to find baby/character names. But I didn't even consider looking at book nor website-nor running through the list of my friends who have interesting names. Some characters just come with their own names. Others have to be found. Not this time. This time I made it easy on myself.

I love going to other people's blogs to post comments. I really do. I love being inspired and finding connections. I love to reach out to people to let them know how wonderful they are--because I know how people commenting on my stuff makes me feel. I like to spread that around.

I have been watching the word verification words that often come up when you post-to make sure you are not a robot or something-and I admit these words sometimes make me giggle--so close to real words but just not quite. I have been thinking about using them as prompts for awhile now.

I decided last night that the next three blogs I visited that had word verification would name my donkey for me.
So that is what I did.

Uncetrys Tractec Outshi.

That is the name of my donkey. Except of course I get the elite donkey. When he revealed his name in the story this morning he decided his full name should be "Uncetrys Tratec Outshi the Third" for some reason I shall probably never know. But there you have it. The character must always have a say in things, whether I want it or not. Who am I to tell him no, anyway?

Yes, his introductory story is quite done. I shall provide links once i get it up. I am finally figuring out the hows of posting to wordpress--which will probably mean I will prefer wordpress again-but we will see. Blogger is still easier for me--but I am not giving up on wordpress either. One day I will figure that out--I have simply been too stubborn to sit down and go through tutorials the way I should. So many other things to do.

Keep an eye out. More is coming. And one part of the donkey story is NOT the only part--I have been informed--so there is great writing to be done. Which is really kinda scary. New muses can be fun-but ah-what task-masters they are!