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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Full Moon Dreaming

When I got out of bed this morning (see previous post about the dream board), I just--did what I do. I knew it was full moon--I knew it was time to make a dream board. So I did it. It was there inside me, bursting to come out. So I let it.

I didn't wait to see what Jamie posted. Although I had been checking out her blog pretty much daily anyway. But, come on, at that hour the poor woman was not awake, much less posting. :-) So it wouldn't have mattered if I had checked her blog for details--they just weren't there yet.

Now, as I go through this, please remember: I went to bed around midnight last night. I woke up at 339a--and got out of bed about 420a. In the morning--and I am so not a morning person. And I have worked my lovely tush off all day. I am currently working off of two cups of very dark, very thick German chicory coffee--that's actual German mild roast coffee with chicory thrown in--instead of the normal rate of coffee I pretty much doubled it. I have not reached the tremors and teeth grinding era of too much coffee--I am merely at the jaw clenching almost a headache sort of state. I am trying to make it til 10p--I don't know if I can or not--coffee or no coffee.

I knew the full moon was called the Pink Full Moon--and I assumed when I first read that that there was a reason for it. :-) It didn't dawn on me to use pink in my dream board. I am actually not much of a pink person. I am a red person. lol

One of the reasons we had to stop at hobby lobby yesterday was because I needed paint--and boy oh boy did I get it too. :-)

It was interesting this morning. I pulled out the green poster board--neon green. Green represents growth. And I smeared it with red paint, which in places where the paint was not overwhelming made the green a nice forest green. Red for passion, for energy, for birth and re-birth. I had to take pictures so that everyone would understand--I started with neon green but ended up with a nice darker shade of red. I was working totally on intuition--and getting annoyed with my mp3 player, which I had put on random shuffle--and the Universe was taking full advantage by playing some interestingly relevant tune-age too. And the bff thinks it's just for him the Universe does these things. :-) I took the pictures when I thought I should.

I knew the painting needed to be done. There is so much relevance involved in red--and painting things red. Not even going into painting the roses red right now either. :-) But, yes, that's in there too. Thank you. Let us paint our dead with red ochre before we place them in the burial pit so they may meet the Maker as they entered this world, so they may exit this world as they came in, covered in the blood of the Earth, the blood of the Mother. Blood for Blood. Uhm, I nearly went in for an anthropology degree at one point, more than once. :-) It's a very Ancient practice, traceable back to the first humans that were not quite human yet.

So, I was working in pseudo-blood, working on an intention, a mantra, an affirmation. I was working Wish Magic, in Blood. (I warned you I was loopy from lack of sleep and too much hard coffee :-) ). I followed my Intuition. There was one picture I felt resistance when I wanted to glue it on. Fear was speaking. So I spoke back. And I told Fear to take a hike. I glued the picture on anyway. Fear is a mind-killer--and I have been dead for far too long--and I am not going to take it anymore. :-) To mix up some quotes there. :-)

I find it very interesting that the door is in the middle of the poster. Now, I did glue everything on intuitively. I did not stop. I did not look. I simply moved and was moved. I also notice that all the things in black and white are on the same side. I also notice ALOT of water, alot of rapids/water falls. And music, which I think is interesting. Some of what you see is so self-explanatory. Other things you think you get, you think you understand, but there are so many levels, so many nuances. Yes--fine--I'm an onion. Just like Shrek--thank you. :-) Ogres have layers. :-) Yes. Yes, we do. :-)

Some of the images I can tell you exactly why I chose them--others I keep coming back to, re-assessing and re-examining. It's like my SoulCollage cards--every time I pick them up I see something different in them. :-) They ask me to ask different questions, to let go of different assumptions I have about the cards themselves and about my own self. There are several images that do that here as well.

The red door has alot of meaning to me personally too. Not to mention-that door is set in Ireland somewhere But a red door has always had particular meaning to me. I am the Gate Keeper. The one in charge of the doors, opening and closing them. R is the Key Master. He holds the Keys and in this way has control over me. But not really. More of a collective conjoining. We work together. Without me, he cannot do his job. WIthout him, I cannot do mine.

I know about the sheep too. I understand what's underneath. It's not a tough bet to see sheep with me. I am planning to own a ranch, where I am going to raise sheep and who knows what else in my never-ending and ever-aspiring quest for complete SABLE for every person I am related to that will take my yarn. :-) lol Irish sheep--standing on an Irish hill, overlooking an Irish lake. I know what the rest of the picture says, the parts that got cut out so the sheep would fit into their allotted place.

Some days, it is very interesting to just step back and watch my Intuition work.

It is a very interesting thing, this whole dream board wish-crafting. Very interesting indeed.