The Knitting Journeyman

Gathering Up One Thread At A Time As I Weave This Web Of Mine.....

Monday, April 20, 2009

Number Nineteen

I didn’t realize it til after you left
How much I had been holding in
Trying to be brave
For you
Trying to make you see
This was something
Meant to be
So definite am I
Still that it is
But oh blessed things
I did not know
Such a thing would so
Rock me to my very core
Such a huge step
For little old me
The one who never quite
Gets to score
To win the war
And now I am here
To stay
I cannot lie
It freaks me out
It took me twenty minutes
To stop shaking
I had to eat
I had to pace
And still there was that silly smile
Glued to my face
I am ever so proud
Yet feel
So unworthy
I wouldn’t take it back
Of this I am most proud
But the fuller implications
Astound me