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Monday, April 20, 2009

Weird Question Of The Day

Let me give some background.

X has been preaching "boundaries" since before we moved from WV.

I can tell he is repeating something someone told him because he repeats it verbatim every time. It is the manner in which he says it -- it's not how he speaks--and he is parroting it from someone/something.

It is mostly in the context of I (as in me) cannot cross HIS boundaries.

He seems to need boundaries. He seems to need them alot.

He surely has no respect for any of mine, not even the ones common courtesy could dictate.

Like as non-friendly as we have been in the past--do not walk into my house and go through the fridge--especially without asking--at any point, much less before--or even after--you do it.

And yet-he will-and he does--and he has. More than once.

Now, if you were trying to create a decent space between two adults and you started spouting off about your 'boundaries'. do you not think at some point it would be helpful to uhm maybe speak up about what those boundaries may be? Maybe a little?

Other than: """as long as ... boundaries are not overstepped, then there shouldn't be any problems."""
(and this is what he told me in response to my letting him know I was dating....that's all--nothing else--no other information that may clue anyone in on the whole boundary issue there)

Is it just me that stops and steps back and thinks--sure no problem--but hey--wtf could your boundaries possibly be?

Much less the whole--he has to have his boundaries and screw me if I think I might like one or two of my own scenario.

So--my question today is: what should I do?
Ignore him as he does me usually. Or--ask questions--which in his mind says she's starting an argument again--I shall ignore her--or really be a prick-I guess depending upon how his day went otherwise before he reads my email?