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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A New Wishcasting Wednesday

What step do you wish to take?

Wow. I have to step back and really think about this one for a few minutes....or more....

There are so many avenues I could pursue here.

And I tend to be very instant gratification oriented as well--so if I think this is what I need to do--I usually do it. Not all the time, because I am also a terrible procrastinator, especially if I am afraid of doing something wrong.

I have been taking steps--I could say all this mont--but I would know it has been so much longer than that. My one year plan that turned into a 2-3 year planned is nearly complete. Technically, I have achieved everything in that plan--and more. I guess it is time to re-evaluate and to see what I want to accomplish from here.

My next step could be that re-evaluation process. Except that I have been doing that lately, in dribs and drabs, in between projects and functioning. I need input from a couple other sources before I move forward very far in that direction.

The one thing that does keep coming to me and coming to me and coming back to me to drill me in the brain to get its point across--I need to start sculpting and making the doll frameworks myself.

My next step, the step I wish to take now, therefore, is to take out my clay and my tools and play until I get the body forms right for me. Then I can move on to faces and other structures as I need to--not to mention other forms of media....

This is what I wish for me.
So mote it be.

Thank you, Jamie, for the grand process of inner illumination your beckoned forth in me today. :-)