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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Something That Seems So Easy Today For Wishcasting Wednesday

What do you wish to read?

It seems like such a simple, an innocent question.
Maybe it should be.
For me, it isn't.
I have too many books lying around waiting to be read.
I have too many projects going on and too many habits to keep up with, so things have to rotate. I have to follow the Muse that seeks me out the most often at any given time and succor that one in order to appease it lest it run away never to return.
At least my various Muses do seem to take turns. :-)

I will keep it simple.

I wish to finish reading the Octopus and the Oragutan by Eugene Linden. It's a fascinating book. I don't make time for it, for one. And two, there are so many pieces in it that make me cry.

I wish to finish reading The Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. One reason is because it is actually good. It has all that back story I need so much when I read. The pictures get in the way, but at least the story is solid and juicy. The other reason is the book belongs to the ex and I want to get it back to him.

I wish to read my two Monart books I have sitting here-and to actually apply what I learn.

I wish to read Soul Mapping by Forst, Ruge and Shoup. I also wish to work through as much of the mapping as I can.

I wish to read A Year of Creativity by Brenda Mallon and to work through it all as well.

I wish to read Yoga of the Heart by Alice Christensen.

I wish to read Awakening the Hidden Storyteller by Robin Moore.

And that is just to start for the month of May. Then I wish to start on the stacks of books that have been waiting patiently for me for the past few weeks as I figure out where I am supposed to be....

Plus, I want to do all this and not give anything else up that I have been trying to do either, from writing to drawing to sculpting to knitting to collage to anything else my daft little brain pulls up and says hey do this.