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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Goddess Project-My Affirmation

I took a piece of yellow poster board and I cut it in half.

I wanted to use maroon paint-but I didn't have any then. So I mixed black with the two reds I did have--real red and barn red. Do you know--it turned BROWN? lol

So I started to layer paints, lots of reds and oranges and yellows, even some green. Some of these pictures you can see the strokes and whatnot.

I used a mix of antique white and plain white to create the letters. Not the best writing or painting job ever. But it was fun. There is some crackling to the letters, what with all the layers of paint.

Then for some bizarre reason--I dumped glitter--don't get me started on the glitter-it is mandatory around here--red glitter--all over the paint.

As I sit here staring at the finished project-here's what I see:

Fearless is done in a more unclear text--as in it looks as if it is fading away--and the LESS is bigger than the fear. What I see is the fear dissolving away. Less fear. Less fear every day.

True and love are both stronger, more clear. More certain. And love is bigger, bolder, done in all caps. I didn't do that on purpose. I was trying to talk to E while I was writing the text.

I am really getting into this whole fearless true love thing--I am loving how things fall into place these days.

He told me he loves me today. Could my heart stop? Could anything else feel more right? I am stunned and so blown away...and loving every minute of it.