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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sometimes It Just Doesn't Pay To Sleep In

Yesterday was a very special day for me on many levels.

It took me awhile to wind down and catch up on things afterwards. Not to mention I was logged in to work til after 11p. I was off most of the day-so that really isn't that big a deal.

I went to bed around midnight. Brain still humming and churning about things.

I awoke at 339a. This morning.

Now, yesterday, I know very specifically, I was Guided to look up at the clock--at exactly 333p. I know what that means for me. Then again--I already knew what was going on anyway. The 333 was just an extra confirmation.

Waking up at 339--for me is like having 333 to the third power smacking me in the Third Eye.

I actually allowed myself to bask in certain things for awhile, before it dawned on me I was not going back to sleep any time soon. Even though I so wanted to. Yesterday afternoon took a great deal out of me, more than I care to admit.

So, at about 20 after 4a--in the MORNING :-) for those who do not understand how much of a morning person I am NOT :-) -- I got up and out of bed. I stretched. Didn't do the full Yoga routine. Did enough to feel balanced and better about myself.

Then I went to start my Full Moon Dreamboard. I hadn't realized how much of it I had already done up in my head. I had thought originally I was going to use the other half of poster board that I had used for the goddess project. Nope. Now, I do not have the full-sized poster board--just the half-sized. Which is good for me.

I immediately went to my stash of torn out sheets of magazines--and a small stack of magazines I hadn't started to go through yet. I spent alot of time picking through my 'Ireland of the Welcomes' magazines this morning too.

I thought it was funny, me who usually goes right for something with a horse on it, has only 1 picture containing animals. And the animals are 2 sheep. :-)

In these pictures, the board is not dry. In fact, the board still isn't dry and it's after 7 now. But I think the pictures here are enough to get the gist across.

It's all about me. :-)

I can say that and mean it and not be being mean or sarcastic or anything else. It really is all about me.