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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Glitter Glitter Everywhere

I have one more thing to say about my affirmation and setting the intention.

Anyone who has been in my house knows I have glitter literally everywhere--whether i want it there or not at this point.

After I set the poster and the journal aside to dry when I painted them, I went into my bedroom--and I did some fantastic cleaning.

Re-organized my bed and cleared up some otherwise inert space, in my bedroom and in the storage room.

But I am all about energetic clearings and making offerings to encourage the Universe to step in and give a little help.

I cleaned my room--I swept up the floor--all the glitter and rose petals (every time I get flowers they end up not on the canopy to dry but all over the place until I sweep them up and away)--I did pick out the dog toys. Thought Ken would appreciate that. :-)

I took all the glitter and petals and everything else, outside the front door, said my little prayer there, and tossed everything up into the air--and left it out there in the hands of the Universe.

It may not be dancing my intention or affirmation--but it works for me. :-)