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Sunday, May 17, 2009


I have 'em. Yep. I do.

Even though I am sitting here with bated breath waiting for other things totally outside my control to happen-I can dream.

This is me, being too lazy to look for imagery.
Had a bad phone call first thing this morning-I let it wreck my whole day-but don't know any other way to handle things anymore. :-)

Working my way through 'The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women' by myself--this is the first exercise. Well, the first exercise from chapter 2.

I think the colour is fun. It's is a very pretty lilac, a lovely yellow, and gold-thinned out with something (I forget the name at the moment) that turns acrylic paint into a stain.
You can't see the little bit of shine the gold left. I barely used any on the top. Gold started out as the bottom layer. Then the yellow. Next the lilac. Then the gold again. I dabbed the whole thing over w a rag to pull out textures, remove excess paint. I kinda like it - all by itself. :-)

Then I of course wrote all over it.

I have only just begun.

More soon.