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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Meant To Do This On Monday

I was planning to start doing this on my blog on Mondays, but yesterday was a busy busy day for me. I had to fast-forward alot of things-and I had to work up a written piece by pacing and trying to write while I paced. Information is not always easy to come by in that manner.

I want to set my goals and intentions with my writing, here, in public, so that I can be openly mocked and ridiculed into meeting my goals. :-)
It should be a familiar tactic to those who have read 'No Plot? No Problem!' by Chris Baty.

I will stick with the same goals I posted in my writers challenge group-although I may augment them a bit here:

My goal is to write no less than 1000 words per day--this does NOT include email, IMing or anything else that is not directly related to my actual work.

My goal is to post updates to SFC no less than three times per week-and I mean to have pictures drawn to go along with things as I do...

My goal is to re-work 'The Red Folder'-which is what I am currently calling my knitting book. (The essays need a bit of tweaking. The patterns need to be written out properly--not to mention being test knitted--so I am getting there.....)

My goal is to continue-and hopefully finish the Muse series.
My goal is to continue the donkey series.
My goal is to continue and finish the Ancestor series.

Also, although not on my goal list, I want to finish out several SFC prompts that i have been allowing to stew and stir in my brain for a couple weeks.
I am being taught patience, in all my endeavors of late. I am not a patient person-and sometimes that just really reeks. But I do my best.

I have other goals too--
like finishing up the surrender box series--like finishing the colour work on the mandalas--like working with the oak twigs R brought me and making at least one doll--finishing the next drawing lesson and seeing what I can do with it--and do we need to get into the whole things I need to read but haven't deal yet?

Then there's the laundry that has been sitting here for over a week waiting to be folded-but at least it is clean-and some of it was done this week-end, and some done yesterday.....
Not to mention a sink full of dishes in need of a good wash-but dinner was so nice tonight. Really it was. ANd I made a coconut cream pie-from scratch. I am planning to do it again. I've never made one before. I've never made a pie like this before. I had no idea how it was supposed to turn out. It's kinda fun. I think I have some ideas on how to completely screw it up and make it taste so much better. :-) We'll have to see. :-) At least I won't mind making them my whole life. :-)
I wonder if I can still make a meringue....

Good-night! Or good-morning....whichever--it's after 1a on Tuesday now and I have to be up in a couple hours.....