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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday Poetry Prompt From Poetic Asides

Prompt number 046

I Love You

I love you…
I know this is a life-changing event…
I believe in destiny…
That we are fated to be,
To live and to die
In one another’s; arms.
How truly enchanted we are,
This torrid love affair
From which my greatest happiness springs.
My safety net against the rigors of a world
I could do without and would if only I could.
Why then do I lay my head down at night,
With tears crowding my eyes,
Choking back sobs that will not come,
Sorrow pounding against my rib cage
Like a daemon trying to escape.
What brings out this fear?
This terror?
What makes the voices whisper
Such vicious little lies
About how maybe I am not the one
That you will choose in the end?
Why is it that such bliss
All too quickly comes crashing down
Severing my heart from my head
And making me wish this were over
That I had packed a bag and run away?
Will this ever stop
So that I can merely relax in
Bask in the love
Your gentleness?
When will you let me win?