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Friday, May 1, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Thank you, Pam, for making my Friday shine!
She gave me this wonderful award today-and I love her statement about the whole community here online-and I would quote it better except that now blogger won't load her blog at the moment...but still...very cool.

I am supposed to tell you about seven of my favorite things:

Favorite things? Hmmmm.

I do so love the smell of sharpies in the morning. :-) Does that count?

1. Spending time with the significant other ranks right up there. I love to curl up against him and just be.

2. The way my kids hair smells--when they are CLEAN-- and the way they look when they are sleeping. :-) They look so innocent then. (yes-I know it's two-but it's my kids--I can throw in I love to cook with the little beasties as well)

3. The sound of my kids laughing. Should I stop putting kid related stuff in there? It could take up alot of room.

4. Standing stock-still in the middle of the woods on a sunny day, surrounded by the shadows and the foliage, and just... listening.

5. The way the smell of the ocean tastes when the wind is blowing it right into your face.

6. Leaning against a horse and not just smelling how strong he/she is, but the muscles moving beneath the coat, the structure, the entire feel of it. Just leaning against the horse--and getting the horse-ness of the thing. :-)

7. As much as I avoid the sun, falling asleep with the scent of drying hay all around, sunlight wafting down, with not a care in the world.

I didn't say I got to do these things alot lately, but that doesn't mean they aren't a few of my favorite things.

Hey, there's always going to a yarn shop just to touch things. But really any textile shop is good for me. I can do this in a fabric store too.
Mud between my toes. Wet clay between my fingers. The scent of honeysuckle on a summer's day. The smell of baking bread whenever. The way my dog looks at me when she wants something. Those big brown eyes of hers. All of these I love too. I hate to have to pick just seven.
And-just because I can-I love it when things go decently well between the ex and me and we act like real grown-ups and there is none of that insipid interplay and ego-mashing that we are normally up against--it doesn't happen very often-but it can--so I hold out hope that it can grow and so can happen more frequently until that's just how we do it all the time.

Now, I get to tag seven other bloggers--which is SO SO hard for me, because there are so many people out there I would love to tag--and I don't have the room or the time to do it to everyone. Plus, I try to pick different people every time too--because there are just so many people out there I would love to give something back to for everything they do for me, simply by doing what they do.

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6. Leigh

7. Christine

Can I do some honorable mentions too?

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