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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Working My Own Way Through Things

We received a world map in the mail from doctors without borders (please look them up - they are a worthwhile organization).

As soon as I saw the map, I knew I had ulterior motives for co-opting it. I just wasn't sure what.

Today, comprehension is dawning

This is what it looked like before:

This is more of a during shot. I wanted to cover the entire back over. My original idea entails folding this thing up and sticking it in my art journal, so I can go to my journal and open the book, open the map and voila-huge thing in a small space.

As I keep going, I am thinking maybe more may be done on the back-but don't quote me on that til it happens....

I used my standard favourite navy blue acrylic paint for this and an old 1 inch paint brush. All I did was smear the paint everywhere-all over my hand too...but I didn't paint my hand on purpose--really. I am too tweaky about my ring. However, to note, acrylic paint does come off of sterling silver and i didn't really have to scrub. Much. :-)

Then I flipped it over and covered up all the words on the map side. Then I flicked the brush, gave the appearance of some sort of wave confluence all over the map.

I took a blue fine sharpie and sloppily traced around all the continents and major islands, simply because I wanted to be certain the land masses showed up after all was said and done.

Then came the final coat of white tempera (poster) paint--which I applied with my brayer, cause I have seen alot of that lately on various blogs and I thought it was too cool because it never dawned on me to use the brayer for that before.....

Now the plan is to draw on the thing....I have had images of the whole "you are here" thing in my mind for days since before that map arrived at the house.

We'll have to see what happens and where this Muse-and my drawing abilities, if they can keep up--take us.....