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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I told you about the e-course I am taking from Artella?
"Making Change With Your Muse" is the name of the course.

As with all things, I have to wait for my Muse to really whack me into action. So many things have to do with timing.

Today is the day when I finally pulled everything together and finished my doll.

I started with the clay forms.

Chose one as the right one for this project.

Found a face for her.

Attached her face. Waited a few days for the glue to settle and cure.

Today, I pulled up pieces from an old destroyed quilt and a cashmere sweater accidentally felted.

Her name is Elizabeth. It says so right by her head.
There is a layer of pink felted cashmere as an underskirt. Then two layers of ratty old quilt as her dress. Tied with a piece of caron simply soft yarn. The number of knots to tie the yarn are significant-at least to me.
I cannot tell you for sure, but I think the pink felted cashmere around her head is more of a wimple. An, yes, it does seem to be blowing in the wind, doesn't it. :-)
No wings for this angel. But that doesn't mean she can't fly.