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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Magpie Girl And Eight Things

Mother Henna posted here about doing less.
Her inspiration comes from Magpie Girl, so I had to go check it out-here's the post.
My life is all about synchroncity lately.
I had to go check things out.
Which led me here:
So-since I found it today-does it mean I am early for this coming week-or late for last week?

Here are my 8 things to stay sane on a daily basis:

1-Sleep. Don't know if I need 8 hours every single night-because sometimes I work on 2-3 hours and I am good --and then there are those days I get 8-9 hours and am so tired I can't function. Somewhere between 5-7 hours seems a good happy medium.

2-Writing. Even if it is 'technically' not work related (or writing prompts/class/group related) -- even if it I sit and write the same one, or three, words over and over and over (yes, I have been known to do that-always hand-written though, not typed....).

3-Drawing. Doodling. Scribbling. Gluing and collage works here too. Playing with paint. Something that means nothing at all, but at least I am doing something that is outwardly creative--at least I have something to hold up to myself and say, here, I did this.

4-Yoga. Yogayogayogayogayogayoga. Balancer of my mind and my body. I feel lost without it. Won't even talk about how infrequently I ahve done it in the past 2 weeks either.....

5-Time to stand in the front door looking out and doing nothing at all but watching the grass grow-the shrubs grow-the birds fly-and not having to talk to anyone or react to anyone while I am doing so.

6-Connecting with my partner, via email, phone call, IM, whatever. I need to know he's there, every day. That's all.

7-A long hot melt me to the bone and steam out every bit of tension and anything else hot hot hot shower--preferably with no visitors, no distractions and no phone calls.

8-Reading-need time to read other blogs, catch up on books, sometimes mindless flipping through magazines helps too.

Now-I am going to take a bit of time to talk about the synchronicity in my life lately-because if you talk about it-it encourages more to come-well-if you talk about it in a positive manner you're inviting more to come-shall we put it that way?

Starting with Mother Henna's post....I spent this past week in a tizzy due to things with my partner that are completely outside the realm of my control--he didn't do anything--it's a situation on his side he's dealing with--it bothers me--but it's his to deal with.
I tend to get out of control where I am, feel unbalanced, unsettled and I feel like I am always running to catch up-as I have been trying to point out here, more to myself than anything. Trying to convince the monkeys in my brain to calm the heck down and settle and quit bugging the snot out of me about what I need to be doing, what I should be doing, what I haven't done yet.
I'm getting there-I just need reminders.
After last night, it dawned on me that doing less would probably cause me to do more.
I needed a reminder.
Mother Henna's post is one of the first things I read this morning.

Not too long ago, I was wondering aloud, as I am wont to do, about what sort of pens/markers work over acrylic paint. I want to start working in the altered book I have--and it's mostly all painted with lots of dark colours.
I started reading through digests of a group I usually skim through once or twice a week and the second post in the first digest I read--had links and information about which pens work on what medium.
Here's the first and the second links given about which pens work best on any given medium.

Don't you love synchronicity?

By the by-I have decided next altered book, I am painting every single page, not using anything on the pages, just paint. I prefer my painting to magazine pages/images. Now, just have to wait to find the right book.....since I am not yet looking since i do have this one to work on and in.....

And of course, I did tell you about the 'Soul Mapping' book. I finished working the first chapter yesterday. It better be useful because I hate all this let's delve into your past b/s--even if chapter one is all about "today". Chapter two is about your childhood.
There really Are Valid Reasons Why Some Things Should Be Left ALONE.
But that is just my humble opinion.
Me being me, I will scrub my way through - but I am not going to be happy about it.

Then again-lucky me-I have ALOT of other stuff to do too. :-)